Lawyers are to be fair, especially during crises

We lawyers are to be fair, especially during the Corona Crises

Despite the many claims that you may see on the internet, TV and print advertising for English speaking lawyers in Israel, please allow me to show you the other side of the coin, another approach.

We believe in a fair practice that involves telling the client the truth and the facts, and never misleading the client to believe he is being served by a lawyer who presents himself as something he is not.

We do not use an automated answering service in our office because we want to give you, the client, the personalized attention that you deserve so we have humans available to answer your calls. In general, our teamwork approach usually makes it possible for there to be a legal professional available to help you, even while we are busy with the needs of other clients.

No, we do not have offices in every major city in the country and I doubt that anyone who makes such a claim has their own private office everywhere, rather they may be using pay-by-the-hour shared office space in some major cities.

We, in our practice, actually have a professional law office in Ramat Gan with real-life secretaries covering almost 12 hours a day, to answer your calls and refer you to an experienced lawyer who is most suited to provide you with the exact service that you need.

I feel that I must caution you about another misleading marketing tactic I’ve heard of – lawyers telling potential clients that they specialize in the area of child abduction cases in Israel – which is preposterous! There are only a few of these cases per year in Israel, thank God. And only a very few lawyers in Israel have expertise in this area, so nobody is handling “many clients and cases” regarding child abduction – including my office, we play fair!

What we do have during the Corona crisis is the ability to meet with you in person, over the phone, by email and even via online meeting to determine the best course of action for your case – whether that involves real estate, family law, debts, notary services, personal injury, wills, business law, and more – you name it, we’re here to help you in English, Portuguese, Arabic and Hebrew.

The corona virus is causing office hours to be reduced right now but be in touch and we’ll make arrangements to discuss your needs. You can visit the links below to learn more and be in contact with us.

Too many lawyers are trying to convince their prospective future clients that they should seek a native English-speaking lawyer and I must ask why, what is the advantage? Yes, if you are an English speaker with limited Hebrew skills then you do need a lawyer who will be able to understand you, but must he or she be a native English speaker? Most lawyers in Israel have English language skills ranging from decent to perfect English, and they can certainly communicate with any English-speaking client, but remember something very important – that is where the English advantage ends.

Regardless of native tongue, in the courtroom where the case will be decided, or at the DA’s office, or at the Rabbinic Court, they all – without exception – will use Hebrew and not English. Hebrew is the language of the law, the language of the Judge, and the language of the land.

Let me ask you an important question… would you prefer a lawyer who learned for and achieved  his or her law degree in Israel and has experience in Israeli courts for 20 to 50 years (as is the case with our office), or do you believe that a lawyer who was never in an Israeli classroom, studied US law, and had very little previous litigation experience in Israeli courtrooms can do a better job? You decide.

Hebrew language fluency, a vast understanding of Israeli culture and mannerisms that enable a lawyer to “read” behaviors and expressions during a proceeding, the knowledge of the system, the judges, the prosecutors and even other lawyers who represent your opponent, are all important factors that determine winning vs. losing a case.

Of course, in legal documents and in the courtroom, everything is done in Hebrew, however, we do our best to explain to you in your native language the important points. We give you facts and do not mislead you with fairy tales or false hope. Our goal is to protect your best interests, and our team’s combined experience helps us to achieve that.

You are the client; you make the decision and you know better.



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