LBJ Knew Who Killed JFK

An event of major historical importance occurred last fall and was totally ignored. It’s understandable, news has been going at a frantic pace, almost subsumed by fake news, embodied in probably the biggest hoax in history, the Russian collusion delusion and the Mueller witch hunt.

The US released the latest batch of documents on the JFK assassination. In there was a statement attributed to LBJ that he knew who killed JFK. And he got it right .

When the assassination occurred, I was working for the newspaper in my home town, Saint John, NB, Canada. My first reaction was, “that damn woman actually did it.”

It’s not my country so I never paid any more attention to this until a couple of years ago. I was doing a follow-up for a book on a major international mutual funds company IOS Ltd. into which vast sums of money had vanished. It was headquartered in Saint John. The number two guy was associated with the Montreal mafia. He had been in New Orleans in 1963 buying a carbine “to kill Kennedy.” Someone commented “well, all roads to the assassination led through the Montreal mafia.”

Since this event had been dumped into my backyard I decided to look into it. It just so happened that I knew something about Louisiana as well. Lee Harvey Oswald was a Cajun via his mother. I know Cajuns. They originated in Nova Scotia where I was born and as Acadians, they are 40 per cent of NB’s population. I travelled all through Louisiana interviewing Cajuns for a magazine article once. Cajuns don’t do stuff like Oswald was accused of. They are good people, as the rule.

I would find out later that a significant number of Americans had the same initial reaction as I had when the assassination occurred. They wrote to the FBI imploring them to check out that woman.

The bottom line is that the CIA under JFK had been bumping off leading political figures all over the globe: Lumumba, Trujillo, Hammarskjöld, Diem. He finally messed with the one woman in the world you did not mess with and hope to live to tell the tale.

Oswald was a marine who was sent to the military intelligence spy school in Nag’s Head, NC. He got into the Soviet Union, worked under the CIA using the code name “Harvey of Minsk.” He fell in love with a Jewish girl Ella German, asked her to marry him, she declined, so he decided to come home grabbing Marina, a party girl from Leningrad on the rebound, and married her. Ella German, who is now in Israel, would say that if he had waited just a bit, she would have married him, and then of course, all history changes. There would have been no patsy to pin the assassination on and they may have exposed the actual culprits at the time.

Oswald continued his work as a CIA agent and despite living in Dallas, New Orleans, and Dallas, he was attached to the Los Angeles branch.

He was asked to form a pro-Castro group, Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC), but not to recruit members. When he distributed leaflets in New Orleans and they thought he should be surrounded by “members,” they sent out agents from LA. A photo appeared in 2016 in the National Enquirer of Oswald with these agents plus Rafael Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz. He was a Cuban émigré, not living in California, but because the purpose of the exercise was to try to smoke out Cuban agents coming off ships, they thought it would be appropriate to add a Spanish speaker to the group. A letter exists of the LA branch requesting the New Orleans branch not to let the names of its agents leak out. In 2004, Hunter Leake, then number 2 in the New Orleans CIA branch, said he was Oswald’s paymaster.

The CIA and the mob were all mixed up together on a you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours basis. In Miami, for example, the CIA owned 50 businesses and they would hire mobsters to manage some and they went on the CIA payroll, available for other kinds of business as well.

Oswald was an exceptionally good asset because he was regarded as part of the family in the New Orleans mob headed by Carlos Marcello, who also ran the Dallas operation. Oswald’s uncle Dutz worked for Marcello. In addition to that Oswald received a monthly retainer from the FBI as an informant and he tipped them off to a gunrunning operation just before he was arrested in the assassination. (Dutz’s daughter was also a CIA agent but she was always overseas.)

Oswald in working for the CIA and in tight with the mob knew too much. He knew everything. Framing him as the patsy was not enough; he had to be silenced immediately.

The assignment fell to Jack Ruby, who was the Dallas liaison for the Chicago mob, as documented by the Kefauver commission. Ruby admitted as much on his deathbed. He gave a note to Deputy Sheriff Al Maddox, which said, “it was a conspiracy” and “my role was to silence Oswald.” Maddox came forward in 1996. Ruby had been a hitman in the Chicago mob before WWII and his best friend remained their top gun David (“The Executioner”) Yaras, whom he last talked to Nov. 21, the day before the JFK assassination.

The frame-up of Oswald was accomplished by killing a cop J. D. Tippit a half-hour after the JFK assassination. Someone shot Tippit three times and then walked over, as was the mob custom, and put a bullet in his brain. Next someone handed a fake Oswald wallet to a plainclothes cop. No one saw who that someone was. The wallet was filled with documents manufactured by the CIA including a draft card with a photo of Oswald, even though draft cards did not have photos. Oswald’s actual wallet was taken from him at his arrest not long after, but that would vanish, and only the fake wallet went to the FBI in Washington.

Oswald himself was seen standing a mile away at a bus stop three minutes before the shooting and if he could not run a three-minute mile knowing where the finish line was, he could not have been at the scene of the crime.

Oswald had been told by military intelligence that if he ever were in serious trouble to call John Hurt in Raleigh, NC. The night after his arrest he asked to call John Hurt. The Secret Service told the operator not to put the call through. Oswald was killed the next day so he never got a second chance to make that call.

The woman who orchestrated the assassination was Tran Le Xuan, better known as Mme. Nhu.

This is the document that came out in the latest batch quoting a former CIA director.

Richard Helms: “President Johnson used to go around saying that the reason President Kennedy was assassinated was that he had assassinated President Diem.”

That is 100 per cent correct. LBJ kept it quiet because it would have caused trouble for him in the war in Vietnam and he already had enough trouble.

Diem was president of Vietnam and his brother Nhu was his second-in-command. Since Diem was unmarried, Mme. Nhu was the first lady in that country. When those two were killed, she became the head of the family.

Two others beside LBJ figured it out. The first was the KGB. They knew Oswald from the time he was in the USSR. He could not hit the broad side of barn from three feet. He went rabbit hunting and never hit a rabbit. Every marine who served with him said the same thing. The KGB also knew that Mme. Nhu had come to them and asked how much they would take to shoot Kennedy. Khrushchev sent back a message, tell that woman to get lost. The second was James Arthur Duff, a Canadian who ran an espionage ring in China against the Japanese during WWII. When the Communists took over, he just wandered the world for the rest of his life, although no one can say who he was working for, an exceptionally well-informed man. He ran into Dick Russell, a JFK researcher, in the Middle East in 1971 and told him, Mme. Nhu did it.

Mme. Nhu was in the US when her husband was killed Nov. 2. The next day she gave a speech, which was more like a primal scream than a speech. It boiled down to this message to JFK: “You live by the sword. You shall die by the sword.” She was a woman of her word.

The motive for the assassination was crystal clear. Tit-for-tat. You kill my husband. I’ll kill you. She rubbed it in in her letter of “condolence” to his missus, Jackie.

Mme. Nhu: “I do not know you, but you must understand now what a wife feels when told that her husband has been brutally done to death. What has come to you is only one effect of the frightful injustice of which my husband was an innocent victim.”

Mme. Nhu was a petite woman but she was a dynamo in human form. She did more to raise the status of woman in her country than any single individual in history in any country. She abolished both concubinage and polygamy and gave women the right to control their own finances after marriage, almost unheard of in that part of Asia. If any man complained, she would look him straight in the eye and tell him, get out of my way for your own good.

Rees Shapiro: “Mme. Nhu — through her sex appeal, fist-pounding persistence and sporadic charm offensives — came to possess tremendous influence on the affairs of state. Army generals took orders from her. The president did too.”

Here’s how she took down JFK.

Nhu, her husband, among whatever else he did, supplied cocaine to the French Connection in Marseille. They processed it into heroin and sent it off to Montreal and New York and from there the mob sold it throughout the US.

They also had an assassin-for-hire service. If we can judge by what Christian David took from the SDECE, the French CIA, for eliminating a troublesome Moroccan, the going rate was $150,000. They would ask a lot more to do JFK. The price must have been steep because she shopped around and that’s how she ended up asking the Soviets to quote a price.

Negotiations started immediately. She would settle for nothing less than the living legend, the Rambo of France, Michel Victor Mertz. If Mertz decided to blow somebody’s brains out, they were as good as blown.

Mertz made his name in the Resistance in WWII. At one point he walked into a café and gunned down 15 Germans. The Nazis caught him four times; he escaped four times.

He didn’t start being a gangster, rather he married into it. He was a SDECE agent when he fell for Paule Scheller Martel, the adopted daughter of Charles Martel, operator of the most lavish bordello in Paris, Le Sphinx. All bordellos were outlawed in 1946. Like father, like daughter. She would take the show on the road to Montreal. Mertz still did work for the SDECE on call beside handling the heroin exports for the French Connection.

Mertz called the Montreal mafia to find out who could tell him the best time and place to assassinate JFK. They put him in touch with Carlos Marcello in New Orleans. Marcello couldn’t believe it; his dream has just come true. He’d been plotting this very thing for a year. He knew Mertz well. If Mertz was on the job, the assassination was as good as done. Marcello would supply a support team.

David Talbot: “No mafia lord was more venomously agitated against the Kennedy brothers than Marcello, who spent two nightmarish months of exile in Central America before slipping secretly back into the country.”

“The New Orleans godfather made an ominous threat in the fall of 1962. ‘Don’t worry about that little Bobby sonofabitch,’ said Marcello. He would make sure the ‘dog’ stopped biting, not by cutting off its tail — Bobby — but its head, the president.

“Marcello also spoke of taking out ‘insurance’ for the president’s assassination by ‘setting up a nut to take the blame … the way they do it all the time in Sicily.’”

Donald Adams, a very astute FBI agent, mapped out where the shots came from. This was like the Gunfight at the OK Corral, all kinds of gunslingers had shown up to have a go. They were all duffers except for Mertz.

There were 11 shots in all. Five hit. Three of those came from the rear, one into JFK’s back, not fatal, and two into John Connolly, the Texas governor, one in his back and one in his wrist.

There were two venues in the rear, the sixth floor of the Texas Book Depository, but the sightline was obscured by trees, and much better, the roof of the Dal-Tex building. They caught a mobster with 35 convictions on his rap sheet inside the Dal-Tex building. He said he just went in there to call his mother from a pay phone and they let him go.

Forty witnesses had a direct view right across from the sixth floor of the Texas Book Depository of the two shooters there. These were prisoners in the Dallas Jail. They thought that the two riflemen were security guards. Neither of them was Lee Harvey Oswald. No one from law enforcement ever talked to the 40 prisoners. Oswald was working at the depository but he was downstairs sipping a Coke when the shots were fired. Cops ran into him 90 seconds after the last shot. There was no way for him to come down the 84 stairs from the sixth floor because two women on high heels were descending during those very moments at a relatively slow pace. The electricity on the elevators went out when the shots were fired.

Two shots hit from the grassy knoll in front, one in the throat of JFK and the lethal shot, which blew his brains out. Besides that there were six shots that missed, most of them apparently coming from the grassy knoll.

We can assume that Mertz’s first shot was into the throat because he was the only guy on the grassy knoll who could shoot straight and the second was bingo.

The Dallas Police nabbed Mertz immediately. A short time passed and a call came through from Washington, send him over to immigration (INS). They already had Oswald; it was cased closed, wasn’t it?

The INS called Katzenbach, filling in for RFK as a-g, to find out what to do with the guy. Katzenbach called James Angleton at the CIA. At that very moment, by sheerest coincidence – yeah, sure — Angleton was sitting at a meeting with Col. Georges de Lannurien, deputy chief of the SDECE. He told Angleton, he’s one of ours. Angleton told Katzenbach, let him go. Katzenbach told the INS, let him go, and they told the Dallas branch, let him go.

Mertz got into his private plane and flew off to Montreal to be with his beloved Paule and they popped out champagne celebrating a very handsome pay day. You won’t find any pictures of Mertz on the web because every last one of them vanished suddenly throughout France a few years later. Newsday published two faded prints in an exposé of the heroin trade and that may be it unless the Mounties have some or there are more in newspapers on file in France.

The SDECE beat the CIA at its own game. Does that mean they knew why Mertz was in Dallas? Probably. But he was too valuable a man to let go down the drain. Besides that the CIA had tried to kill deGaulle, president of France; turnabout is always fair play.

The OAS, a French-Algerian terrorist organization, had tried 12 times to assassinate deGaulle. In one of them Maurice Brooks Gaitlin, a lawyer, was sent from New Orleans by CIA operatives, to deliver $100,000 to the OAS to finance one of their attempts. Gaitlin would meet his end in 1965 falling from the sixth floor of San Juan hotel. It was ruled a heart attack.

Having tried everything and everyone else, after the 11th attempt deGaulle ordered Mertz to cease marketing heroin and report for duty. Mertz infiltrated the OAS. On Aug. 22, 1962, the OAS ambushed deGaulle, who was with his wife, firing 221 shots at his car, of which 14 hit, some whizzing past the couple’s heads, 20 flew onto and into a nearby café, and the rest missed. deGaulle survived unscathed and Mertz was able to provide names, addresses, and phone numbers of the 12 shooters. The OAS was broken as a threat to the nation and Mertz came under deGaulle’s personal protection.

One of the most dangerous OAS gunmen had not been with that group and he got away to Madrid. His name was Jean René Souêtre. He became the most wanted man in France. When Mertz was arrested, he told the Dallas Police that his name was Jean René Souêtre. The SDECE gave deGaulle that name and he called the Americans immediately to ask if they had captured Souêtre.

About the Author
Dov Ivry is from the Maritimes in Canada, born in Nova Scotia, raised in New Brunswick. He worked as a journalist there for 20 years with a one-year stop at the Gazette in Montreal. He's been hanging out in Israel for 36 years, doing this and that, and managed to produce 66 books.