Lean in: When the tank is on empty, be empty

So… here in the United States it’s been 8 days now of social distance and more… and it seems like people are really beginning to struggle. The tank seems to be on empty.

In the Inner Wisdom of Torah, the number Eight represents that which is above reality, beyond the seven days of the week. Whats really facinating about that idea is that rest (the seventh part of the puzzle), taking a step back to reflect and recharge, is part of the system of action. With six parts we create and on the seventh we step back to reflect.

But what do we do when we hit “Day 8”? What do we do when we pushed resiliently all we can, and then stepped back reflectively, but we are still burnt out? What do we do now?

When we hit “Day 8’s” we need to LEAN IN to a higher source of power. We need to tap into something beyond the restrictions of sense and sensibility. We need to remember that we are greater than the some of our parts, that the whole world is greater than the sum of its parts. That there is an unseen factor that transcends the logical because the world of 7 parts really has 8.

So, Just for Today, if you are feeling what we all are feeling, LEAN IN to a Higher Power, whatever that means to you. Trust the process and remember more energy and resilience is yet to come. BE EMPTY so power can flow and fill you up.

About the Author
Menachem Poznanski, LCSW is director of The Living Room, a clubhouse for Jewish young adults in recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction. Menachem is co-author of Stepping out of the Abyss: A Jewish guide to the 12 steps (Mosaica, 2017) and the editor of both Consciously and The Light Revealed, two social media initiatives focused on the messages of Jewish recovery and spirituality. Menachem resides in Cedarhurst, NY with his wife Naomi and their children, Zoe and Tani.