Lee Harvey Oswald — Almost An Israeli

If Lee Harvey Oswald, who got framed for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963 in Dallas, had been a bit more patient, he might have been living in Israel today, a man in his 70s.

After he was put through the military spy school at Nag’s Head, N.C. he was sent to the Soviet Union.

I don’t know what his purpose was, possibility to get into university there. He tried twice and was turned down, which is not surprising since he had not completed high school. But he had been accepted in a university in Switzerland before he was sent to the Soviet Union. He was highly proficient in Russian but he was also learning German so it looks like that he was also being readied for a posting in Germany if he had not gained admission to Russia.

In the USSR he was sent to work in a factory in Minsk, now in Belarus.

The KGB was throwing one girl after another at him and he took full advantage, but he also developed a relationship with a Jewish girl who worked at the factory, Ella German.

Of the pre-war population of 300,000 in Minsk only 10 per cent remained alive after the war and the city was rubble. Of course the Jews got the worst of it. When the Germans approached, Ella’s family jumped on a train carrying horses and cows east and managed to survive the war. Ella was 4 at the time.

Ella was Oswald’s first love. They were together for eight months.

Here’s what he said about her in his diary.

“Ella German — a silky, black haired Jewish beauty with fine dark eyes, skin as white as snow, a beautiful smile and good but unpredictable nature, her only fault was that at 24 she was still a virgin, and due entirely to her own desire. I met her when she came to work at our factory. I noticed her, and perhaps fell in love with her, the first minute I saw her.”

After attending a New Year’s Eve party at her home, the next day Oswald asked her to marry him.

She declined.

A month later he applied to return to the US. A month after that he met Marina, his future wife. A month after that, admitting he was on the rebound, asked Marina to marry him.

Ella would marry another factory worker and when the Iron Curtain fell they moved to Israel.

She said a few years ago that when Oswald asked her she wasn’t ready to marry. If he had waited just a bit, she would have married him. Instead of being cut down at age 24 by Jack Ruby his life would have been entirely different and he might have been among us here today.

The CIA framed him for the assassination.

He was sitting downstairs at the Texas book depository when the shots were fired. He owned a WWII Italian carbine but no one saw him take it into the building. The CIA presented a document to the Warren Commission that it said it got from Italian intelligence that each of these rifles had a “unique serial number.” Much later when Giulio Andreotti, who had been defence minister in Italy in 1963, learned of this he said that this was nonsense, that document didn’t come from them. William K. Harvey was the Rome CIA agent and he prepared it. William Sucher, a Montreal Jew, who imported all these rifles into North America, said the same serial number could be on two, three, even more rifles. The CIA planted the rifle at the scene and got rid of Oswald’s, still at home.

Oswald would only have had 40 seconds to run down 84 stairs from the sixth floor to the second floor where he was found by the police, sitting, having his lunch, without a trace of perspiration on him.

The CIA also framed him with the murder of a policeman J. D. Tippit. At 1:03 Oswald was a mile away without knowing where Tippit was. He was waiting for a bus going in the other direction. The sole eyewitness saw Tippit being killed at 1:06 by someone other than Oswald. The time was confirmed by a half dozen other witnesses who heard the shots. Civilians got on the police radio at 1:07 to say that Tippit had been shot. The ambulance was there at 1:10. The doctor declared Tippit dead at 1:15. The CIA dropped a fake Oswald wallet on the scene dipped in Tippit’s blood. The FBI changed the time of death to 1:25 at the Warren Commission to give Oswald time to walk over there, as if he would know where Tippit was.

Oswald was a CIA agent who worked out of the Los Angeles office. He was asked to set up a Fair Play For Cuba Committee, a pro-Castro group, in New Orleans. This was to suck out Castro sympathizers. He did a radio interview in which he said that his committee had a goodly number of members. He was actually alone. When he distributed leaflets on the street the LA office sent out agents to stand on the street with him as if they were members of his committee. This was on TV.

Had the CIA shown the Warren Commission the film of this event, it would have been obvious, as his mother never stopping screaming, that he worked for the CIA. Their goal was to frame him to take heat off themselves.

Judyth Vary Baker, his girl friend that summer, said that he told her two days before the assassination that it was on, he was not going to run, but would see if he could do anything to prevent it. An agent known only as Captain Sam said that Oswald called him the night before and was distraught that he couldn’t contact anyone. Captain Sam told him not to worry about it, it was all bs anyway.

Oswald had no idea that he was the patsy for the action.

In jail Oswald tried to call his contact in military intelligence in Raleigh, N.C., a name which he had apparently received when he was at Nag’s Head spy school. The Secret Service blocked the call and didn’t tell the Warren Commission about it. It came out years later in connection with another case. The first black Secret Service agent, based in Chicago, Abraham Bolden knew about that call. He also intended to tell the Warren Commission about an attempt on Kennedy in Chicago that the Secret Service had suppressed and also that agents were drunk on the job and using their cars to ferry women around in Dallas. He was framed with bribery and sent to prison.

Muckraker Sherman Skolnick of Chicago filed a freedom of information request on behalf of Bolden and out popped the Oswald call.

Jack Ruby is portrayed as a simple nightclub owner. But he told Earl Warren that he wanted to talk but he wouldn’t do it in Dallas, only in Washington. Warren wouldn’t accommodate him. As far back as 1950 at the Kefauver Senate Crime Committee, Luis Kutner, a civil rights lawyer of renown in Chicago, said his staff had learned that Ruby “was a syndicate lieutenant who had been sent to Dallas to serve as liaison for Chicago mobsters.” He grew up with David Yaris and Lenny Patrick, the most brutal and notorious enforcers of the Chicago mob. His sister Eva said that Yaris was Ruby’s best friend. His last call to Yaris was on Nov. 21, the day before the assassination.

Carlos Marcello was head of the mob in New Orleans and Dallas. Oswald’s uncle worked for him and Marcello knew Oswald very well. His deputies sprang Oswald from jail after he got into a fracas with anti-Castroites in New Orleans. Later in prison Marcello told a snitch about JFK, “Yeah I had the son of a bitch killed. I’m glad I did. I’m sorry I couldn’t have done it myself.”

The mob’s complaint was with Robert Kennedy, the attorney-general, whom they felt was persecuting them. An FBI informant reported Marcello saying this in 1962. “Don’t worry about that little Bobby sonofabitch.”. He said he would make sure the “dog” stopped biting, not by cutting off its tail — Bobby — but its head, the president. Marcello also spoke of taking out “insurance”:for the president’s assassination by “setting up a nut to take the blame … the way they do it all the time in Sicily.”

The CIA and the mob worked together. It was Ruby’s job to make sure none of this spilled out. If his childhood pals Yaris and Patrick could do that sort of thing, Ruby could too.

To make sure Kennedy’s brains would be blown out they brought in the deadliest killer in the world, Michel Mertz, the Rambo of France, legend of the resistance, nemeses of de Gaulle’s enemy, the OAS, heroin kingpin of the Corsican mafia. The Dallas Police nabbed him on the grassy knoll, but Katzenbach, acting attorney-general, after consulting with Angleton, CIA executive, released him immediately. He flew out, probably to Canada, probably in his private plane. He returned to Paris where he lived not far from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

About the Author
Dov Ivry is from the Maritimes in Canada, born in Nova Scotia, raised in New Brunswick. He worked as a journalist there for 20 years with a one-year stop at the Gazette in Montreal. He's been hanging out in Israel for 36 years, doing this and that, and managed to produce 66 books.