Left meets right: An unholy alliance

Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard has announced she is running for President in 2020. Never mind that she has zero experience and even less smarts. The Democrat styles herself an “anti-Interventionist” who has met with mass murderer Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. She has supported the Presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders.

Gabbard is 37 years of age and an Army National Guard veteran who was deployed twice to the Middle East. She is the first Hindu and the first American Samoan elected to Congress.

Representative Gabbard was interviewed by obnoxious, toxic Tucker Carlson Thursday night on Fox News May 23, 2019.

Gabbard reiterated numerous times her opposition to a war with Iran. She blamed what she sees as a “current march to war” on Mike Pompeo and others in the White House of whom she obviously disapproves. Carlson, the former right winger, repeatedly asked Gabbard in whose interest would such a war be. When he did not like the answer as it was nondescript and uninformed, he asked the question again and again. Finally, Carlson got the answer he wanted. Those who would benefit from such a war were Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Finally, as has been predicted in this space many times, anti-Semitic left meets right. The old right wing anti-Semitism claim the Jews are cowards but also want war. Left-wingers have always been suspicious of any Jew who could defend himself.

The claim that Netanyahu, meaning the Jews of Israel, would want the United States to go to war with Iran is insane and absurd. Of course, Israel would become the target of the considerable arsenal possessed by Iran just as Israel was bombed with missiles launched by Iraq during the first Iraq War led by George Bush, I. Netanyahu is successful because the Nation of Israel has been successful. The last thing that Prime Minister Netanyahu would want is a war that would devastate the economy of the tiny outpost of democracy in the Middle East.

Israel does not want war. Israel and the Jews in the Middle East want Iran defanged, as would any decent person who realizes that Iran is the primary perpetrator of terrorism in the world today. President Trump has done a service to mankind by enforcing strict economic sanctions against Iran. As a result of the Trump sanctions, Iran is not able to fund terrorist organizations like Hezbollah. This has been a tremendous benefit to Western Europe, America, South America and every nation in the world which is fighting terrorism today.

The odd marriage between Carlson and Gabbard to mention by name only one leader in the world who would allegedly benefit from an American/Iranian War raises a question as to, why? Why would the nation which has the least to gain from a violent war in the Middle East promote such a war? The only answer is that very deep in the bosom of both left and right wing extremists lies hatred, superstition and falsehoods against the Jewish people. That ancient inbred hostility now takes the form of anti-Israel-ism as portrayed by the standard bearer Benjamin Netanyahu.

Who is Benjamin Netanyahu? He is a man who has lost a brother fighting terrorism, raised and educated in Philadelphia, who understands that Israel can only survive based upon economic prosperity, justice and an effective military that stays one step ahead of its nation’s enemies. Israel always dangles by a thread, with the Sword of Damocles over its neck. When Donald Trump was first elected, my daughter who has served in the Israeli Defense Forces, was concerned about Trump’s war-like messaging and reminded me that, “Dad, don’t forget if there is a war, I am in logistica and therefore in first call up.” She went on to say, “The Israeli people cannot survive a world war and certainly do not want a nuclear conflict.” Yet, those who peddle hatred, superstition and extremism pour their vitriol on the symbolic head of Israel and the Jewish people, King Bibi.

This is not to say that Bibi Netanyahu is a Messiah – he definitely is not. What Netanyahu is, however, is a successful leader who proudly leads the Jewish people in the most difficult of days. Whether Israel will survive the clash of civilizations represented by the war between democracy and totalitarianism is anyone’s guess. What is for sure is that the Jewish people detest war. The Jewish hatred for bloodshed is not only demonstrated by the traditional Jewish laws of Kashrut but also by the fact that Jewish homes have the lowest rate of domestic violence of any people in the world.

It is disgusting, almost to the point of nausea, to hear the left and the right come together on Fox News in triumphal celebration of 2,000 years of bigotry. It is not in the interest of Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Israelis or any Jew in the United States to go to war with Iran. War is bad for everyone. It is in the interest of freedom-loving people throughout the world to shutdown terrorism regardless of its source or sponsors.

Menachem Begin, one of the great former Prime Ministers of Israel, stated that anti-Semitism is bred into people like mother’s milk. Like all forms of hatred and bigotry, anti-Semitism takes time, attention, nurturing, training and education. Those who peddle stereotypes and familiar phrases about the Jewish people know perfectly well what they are doing. The conversation between Gabbard and Carlson was no accident; it was a well orchestrated and deliberate attack on the Jewish people using Prime Minister Netanyahu as a symbolic sacrificial lamb. It was disgusting, unnecessary and untruthful.

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Cliff Rieders is a Board Certified Trial Advocate in Williamsport, is Past President of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association and a past member of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority.
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