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Left unhinged – Liberal distractions

Everyone remembers the old cliché “location, location, location”. We can call the current U.S. political drama as “distraction, distraction, distraction”. It is war; President Trump and his administration is being attacked on daily basis.  Forget the customary 100-day honeymoon. Forget unity and “we the people”. Forget “one nation under God indivisible” because God is nowhere to be found, and the nation cannot be more divided than it is now. It is “us” against “him”. But, I have to hand it to our new President: he has a mean back hand! He is the Donald against the far left Goliath. The proverbial pariah among the leftist elite; who since the inauguration have been going through some serious post traumatic election disorders. The weeping, wailing, and hysteria has reached biblical proportions. Why?

Every president has distractions; some self inflicted. To name a few: John F. Kennedy had Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and the mob. The Vietnam War held Lyndon Johnson like a vise. Richard Nixon could never shake Watergate off his pant leg. Jimmy Carter spent his last year in office suspended in an Iranian hostage nightmare. Reagan waffled through the Iran Contra deal, and the Clinton-Lewinsky affair (pardon the pun), derailed governing in lieu of impeachment. Gerald Ford’s only distraction was his own clumsiness; the man was a klutz. Compared to all these presidents, President Trump’s distractions have taken a life of their own. Every time the media “leaks” something, he counter attacks with a  distraction of his own. He would make a great tennis player.

Donald Trump was elected President, and life as we knew it ended. Armageddon loomed. Women, gays, transgender, illegals, legals,  short, tall; united in a coven of grief. The unhingment had started. First the women marched in protest: pink hats , feminine condiments, and cries for justice and rights blocked our city streets. President Trump is going to impede their “reproduction” rights; was the cry of the suffragettes. Then campuses went aflame with hypocrisy and selective tolerance which turned to thuggery and hate. The “hate Trump” slogans were abundant; and the ultra liberal mantra of “social justice” denounced all opinion but their own. That is the uber left answer to “tolerance”.  On a campus in  Chicago, young children were encouraged to take a swipe at an effigy of President Trump and urged to “tear him apart”. Charming! Anarchy for preschoolers! Imagine what would have happened if  children were encouraged to “tear” an effigy of President Obama “apart”?

The “Russia” distraction was carefully woven into the election narrative. The election is now the epicenter of far left angst. How long has it been since Russia invaded Crimea and crept into Syria? I do not recall any high octane protests from liberal America. The Obama administration gave rhetoric warnings, a slap on the wrist, and a nod. Fast forward to President elect Trump’s victory:  Russia is now dangerous to our democracy and our way of life. The election was hacked by the Russians. Media furor and indignation. As of today, there is still no evidence that Russia had anything to do with the election. Of course that does not eliminate the possibility that they might have attempted to do so. But the sudden concern on Russia is laughable because Russia should have been a concern much longer than the past six months. Russia has been a concern for the past three years.  In Mr. Trump’s fashion; Mr. Trump immediately asked for an investigation into election hacking, and while we are at it; let us throw in bugging and leaking.  Two very bad combinations. I am certain that it was not the intended result of the distraction and I am sure that just when the left thought they scored; boom! Another presidential tweet. Not just any middle-of-the-night tweet; but the tweet that sends vibrations through the epicenter of the Democratic Party and their idol. Mr. Trump changes “rackets” mid-game and lops the perfect “serve”. Mr. Trump accuses President Obama and his administration of bugging his election headquarters in New York City.  Is it true? Is it believable? It  does not really matter; he managed to take potential damaging dialogue in another direction. Russia became old news. Is this good? Is he helping the presidency or the country? Is it presidential?

One thing for sure; the country cannot afford this political circus any longer. The country is not only divided on ideology but also in spirit. The American spirit that launched a young nation into a super power is now fragile and fading fast into cynicism. Distractions are derailing important decisions toward effective and sustainable  governing. The unprecedented hysterical hatred of this president mostly by the far left is beyond reason. It is no secret that the far left has spun out of control.  Leftist ideology rampant in entertainment and news media is seriously impeding truth in reporting, and finding a news media that actually “reports”, rather than gives opinion, is fast becoming a challenge. Another misfortune is the hijacking of the Democratic party by these loons. They cater to the rich elite of the entertainment industry. What used to be the party of the middle class, the poor, and the downtrodden, is now the party of the intellectual socialist elitist; the one who plays the equality and social justice card as a hobby for  late night talk shows and Hollywood pinheads. This is no longer the party of JFK or FDR. That train left the station a long time ago. These “new” liberals live in million dollar mansions and tout climate change, gun control, and wealth distribution; while living in isolated and insulated gated communities protected by armed guards. This election was “in the bag” according to their sympathetic media. They donated millions to the Democratic campaign, hob knobbed  at party fundraisers, and dismissed everyone else as ignorant, or labeled them as an “ist” for good measure. They were arrogant, cocky, and insensitive to those in America’s heartland. Now they are beside themselves in anguish and their disappointment is rabid. Mr. Trump will never be accepted by these folk. He is the opposite of what they represent. An entrepreneur who put his money where his mouth is and unlike party-line politicians, he does exactly what he promises. He has nothing to lose. He does not need lobbyists or contributions to sustain him. He did not even need the Republican party to back him up. He ran and funded his campaign out of his home with minimal media coverage but maximum noise. Inadvertently; the media that disliked him without reservation, gave him free coverage. The more outrageous he got the more middle America loved him.

President Trump must realize that he is president of all Americans; even the far left. He needs to refrain from shooting from the hip. Tweeting in the middle of the night is conducive to miscommunication; that seemingly little nightly tweet is the first big news the next morning. Not a great way for the country to start the day. He is not an entertainer but the leader of the free world, and every word out of his mouth or finger has significance around the globe.  Mr. Trump needs to ignore the mundane and focus on the significant. He must not allow himself to be baited. He might want to take a cue from former President Bush, who during the last few years of his presidency got pretty knocked about by the media on Iraq. But he refused to engage on a personal level and  kept the dialogue on the issues. He did not want to be distracted. President Bush also refused to comment on his successor. Mr. Trump should reach out to his predecessor like President Clinton did with President Nixon. Mr. Clinton asked for Mr. Nixon’s advise on China; knowing full well that Mr. Nixon was a pioneer in relations with that country. Mr. Obama could help to breach some of the animosity against the current administration. Mr. Trump should be thinking about what is best for the country not whether the media is for or against him. No past president ever liked reporters; but they play an important role in keeping our elected officials honest. Love them or hate them; they are an important element of our democracy and Constitution.

The well orchestrated distractions by the far left and ultra liberals aim at diminishing the ability to govern. So why are they doing it?  As Jerry McGuire once said: “Follow the money”. Through his Open Society Foundations (OSF), billionaire George Soros contributes to over 100 plus leftwing and ultra liberal organizations. Among these groups are:  Al-Haq, a pro-Palestinian group that supposedly goes after Israel’s human rights “violations”. I’Iam is another anti Israel NGO that supports the proliferation of Arab media against Israel. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights specifically targets Israel for investigations into Palestinian human rights “violations”. The Free Exchange on Campus group targets David Horowitz’s presence and literature on campus. David Horowitz is a well known conservative writer. George Soros does not hide his objective. He wants America to be an ultra liberal progressive left wing country. Other liberal ultra left organizations backed by OSF are: the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and the American Federation of Teachers. Unconfirmed suspicions are that Soros might be the funding behind many of the ultra left organized protests, marches, and distractions. His billion dollar empire can fund these groups and events with ease. OSF also donates to the National Organization of Women (NOW) and the Working Families Party (WFP). The WFP is an off shoot of the socialist New Party. Its main objective is to move the Democratic party to the far left as possible. I am going to take a leap of faith and conclude that it is quite plausible that a man who owns billions, funds ultra liberal and left wing organizations, and whose mission in life is to destroy traditional and conservative American values, might be behind all these distractions.  But what does he gain? Power. Besides being left wing, most if not all of the organizations directly funded by OSF are directly correlated to the Democratic Party. George Soros openly contributes to the Democratic Party. In January 2015, the Washington Times (Kelly Riddell) reported that OSF funded most of the protests in Ferguson and other cities. (George Soros funds Ferguson Protest, hopes to spur civil unrest).  Filed taxes revealed that over $33 million were donated to activist groups in Ferguson. In an interview with OSF director Kenneth Zimmerman, Mr. Zimmerman admitted to “helping groups combine policy” and “data collection”. The “data collection”  was the interaction of various organizations and groups through social media in an effort to coordinate protests that would undermine conservative or traditional values or ideology. Although OSF director was open about funding these “community” organizations, he denied organizing protests, and referred to them as “spontaneous”. How convenient. What he failed to disclose is that OSF insidiously encourages unrest in the hope of discouraging conservative and traditional dialogue.

Is the left unhinged because individuals like George Soros exploit their ideology for their own personal gain? Or is it unhinged because of the monumental political loss? Whatever the reason; the Democratic party needs to sever its association with the radical left before it implodes. Middle America voted and elected Mr. Trump. Middle America got so fed up with the ultra left-wing leanings of the Democratic Party that they voted them out of every office. That should have been a hint. It is actually the far left that elected Mr. Trump; by default. The Republicans used to be portrayed as the party of the rich and “out of touch”. Mr. Trump has broken that mold forever. Mr. Trump has proven that a non-politician who is blunt to a fault can connect with blue collar America. Mr. Trump won the America that the Democrats had in their back pocket for the past 50 years. If the Democratic Party is to remain relevant, it must distance itself from George Soros and his ilk. Heartland America’s message to the Democrats was simple; you labeled us as racist, ignorant, and stupid. Big mistake; we were voters!

About the Author
Judith was born in Malta but is also a naturalized American. Former military wife (23 years), married, and currently retired from the financial world as Bank Manager. Spent the last 48 years associated or working for the US forces overseas. Judith has a blog on www.judith60dotcom Judith speaks several languages and is currently learning Hebrew.