Left Wing Jewish Democrats: You Don’t Speak For Us

Dear Left Wing Jewish Democrats,

Jewish Democrats, it’s time that you woke up from your self imposed slumber. Like Rip Van Winkle who woke up to find that the world had changed, you too must wake up to reality. The Democrat Party, the Party you thought was inclusive and just, is a vague and distant memory. Yet you cling to it, refusing to let go of the past, refusing to acknowledge that it has changed. The Democrat Party of our parents and grandparents was not the Democrat Party of “Progressive Socialists.”

Throughout the generations there have always been Jewish activists and leaders who have either remained silent or have been actively aligned with the enemies of our own people. If you choose to lend your voices to those who seek to destroy your biblical homeland, if you choose to remain silent in the face of the antisemitism in your party, then you too are responsible.

So hear this, Left Wing Jewish Democrats. Though you proclaim to the world that you are Jewish, please know that many of us do not support your views. You not the one collective Jewish voice.

For years now, you have actually gone out of your way to hide from your religion.
Some of you have even chosen assimilation as the antidote to what you perceive to be isolation. You look away, perhaps somewhat shamed, by the antisemitism in your party. You prefer to be a global citizen with no past. You are not averse to aligning yourself with antisemites. In fact, you welcome their acceptance of you though you announce to the world that your grandparents were Jewish and even Holocaust survivors. You make a point of proclaiming your Jewishness as if it gives you a free pass to shame your people.

You deny your heritage. Israel has no real meaning to you. It might as well be turned over to the Palestinians who falsely claim it as their homeland. In fact you support their false claims, and vociferously join them in their efforts to denounce Israel, often leading the charge and pretending that it is for our own good. This makes you feel morally superior to the “backward” Jews who stubbornly cling to the ancient religion of Judaism, and to the promise of our homeland. You proclaim Israel to be the oppressor and as a liberated, “liberal Jew” you intend to fix things.

You have tacitly, or implicitly, joined the ranks of the Democrat Progressive Socialists, and their ideology has helped you fill the void left by the abandonment of your religion. You cling to misused fragment shards of your religion by birth. Some of you embrace “Tikkun Olam,” “Repairing the World,” but not as a means to glorify G-d to the world, as it is intended, but rather to suit your newly found religion of Progressive Socialism. You fancy yourself fixing the world by being a champion to the new class of victims, which doesn’t include your people.

You do not condemn, and may even support, those who have cast our people, we Jews, into the class of white aggressors and even White Supremacists, anathema to the common man. In doing so, you delude yourself into believing that you are thereby cementing your status as a moral citizen of the world, a loyal, morally superior Democrat.

You support those who call Jews racists and the Israeli government Nazis. You support BDS, Boycott, Divest and Sanction of Israeli products. You have forgotten the Boycotts and Sanctions of Nazi Germany. You see no parallels. You decry the IDF for responding to terrorists, and support those who justify terrorism. You help perpetuate the lie of the poor Palestinian people chained by their Israeli occupiers and aggressors in spite of the fact that a majority of Israeli Arabs, if given the choice would prefer living under Israeli, rather than Palestinian rule.

You see the rise of antisemitism in your lifetime, yet it has not moved you. You are silent when Jews are being attacked for their Jewishness. In your silence, you are emboldening the antisemitic attacks. I wonder, in your silence, are you blaming the Jews for stubbornly clinging to their religion, and thereby allowing themselves to be the victims of antisemitism? You look down upon Jews who are easily identifiable by their dress. They embarrass you. So you stay silent, pretending you are not one of them. In truth, the pretense has long become a reality. You are proud of that.

You hate President Trump. Though he is the best friend Israel and the Jewish people have had in our lifetime, you accuse him of being an antisemite. When President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, you wanted no part of it. In what can only be described as self hatred, you joined the antisemitic “Squad” in Congress in condemning a president who has shown great friendship to your people and to Israel which you pretend to care about. When the President declared Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan, you again, condemned this strategically important move for Israel’s security. Standing shoulder to shoulder with terrorists, you protested. When he signed a declaration that would help deter antisemitism and BDS support on college campuses, you accused President Trump of being an antisemite! In fact, your hatred of him is so great, that you would even prefer to vote for a socialist, who (though he is a Jew) embraces antisemites like Linda Sarsour, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, sworn enemies of Israel and of your people.

In conclusion, I would like to ask Leftist Jewish Democrats the following question: Did you ever wonder why, in spite of your assimilation and abandonment of Judaism, in spite of the pogroms and the Holocaust, in spite of the ageless crimes committed against us to this day, we are still here? Has it ever occurred to you that had we chosen to follow your example, we might have disappeared long ago? Has it ever occurred to you that it is our stubborn clinging to our ancient religion that has kept us alive? It may not have occurred to you, and you may not even care, but fortunately, it has occurred to so many of us who do not share your views, and we do care.

About the Author
Ettie Kryksman is a teacher and free lance writer who whose articles have appeared in various publications.