Miriam Weiss Lane

Legal body snatchers

Something horrible and tragic happened today. After many appeals, Alta Fixler, HYD’, was taken off life support and passed away.  Her parents are not citizens of the United Kingdom and wanted to take her to Israel or the US and had the agreement and authorization of those countries and a medical facility there, to do just that, but their legal pleas fell on deaf ears. The United Kingdom decided she must die, so that was that. Her transfer would not have cost the UK health system anything, but their misguided pride.

It appears that if someone is in England and is ill and hospitalized, England apparently owns your body and determines your medical care and whether you can leave the country, regardless as to whether you are a citizen of the UK or not. It’s outrageous that an individual or the parents of a minor in a so-called free democracy cannot control their medical care, whether they are citizens or not. It is the epitome of chutzpah and even more than that, it is an example of unethical so-called compassionate Euthanasia. (It is not compassionate.)

A judge ruled that taking the child off life support is” consistent with Alta’s best interests” and allows,” the family and the community to perform the sacred religious obligations of the Orthodox Jewish faith”. I guess the judge thinks he is an ordained Orthodox rabbi who is qualified to make that type of halachic determination. Real ethics and personal freedom are slowly disintegrating in the Western World. It is being sucked into a Sodom and Gomorrah vortex. Just make sure you don’t get sick, while visiting or living in England

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I am a US and Israeli attorney. I studied law at Hebrew University and Benjamin Cardozo School of Law. I moved to Israel with my family in 2004.Living in Israel was always my dream. I grew up in a very, educated family who were always discussing and debating topics in current events, history and philosophy. I have a keen interest in the search for truth and justice. To contact me: