Let Iraq collapse

John Kerry’s main mission in Iraq was to unite all Iraqis so as to rescue Iraq from total collapse, but sooner or later this ‘forced marriage’ should end in divorce. The blame for the disasters in Iraq goes partly to the western colonial powers of the early twentieth century that created Iraq and excluded Kurds from their rights.

Now it is time for division. We want a peaceful division that brings stability, peace and love for all the peoples. Unfortunately Iraqis have never been able to live in coexistence, so why impose it on them?

The peoples of Iraq can not live together, so let them live alone. The past 100 years have proven that Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds are not able to live together. It’s time to give them a chance to live their own lives.

Everyone is in the right. Kurds are right, Sunnis are right and Shiites are right to demand their share of power. But they can’t share power with each other. These peoples should experience their own governance under their own rulers and rules.

As an example, the recent Ja’fari law in Iraq’s Parliament seemed acceptable for Shiites, but for Kurdish people was considered barbaric. Iraqi politicians always corrupt, they always want the absolute power, and this has brought Iraq repeatedly to the brink of collapse. It is time to collapse then, why delay. The longer it is delayed, the more blood will be shed. For once, let Iraq collapse, and the peoples of Iraq will rule themselves.

Kurds want their own rule, Sunnis want as well, Shiites certainly got their own after 2003. Let Iraq to collapse for once and forever, and let people to live. Colonial power brought these peoples and doctrines together, and they have always tried to keep Iraq united, all was a big failure. The US will also have less concern about Israel if Iraq is divided, as at least one of the new emergent country will be Israel’s friend. Remember, Israel bought oil from the Kurdish Regional Government last week.

KRG seems to be Turkey’s ally, Shiites are Iran’s ally and Sunnis are Saudi Arabia’s and Qatar’s allies. These countries have already clashed in regional conflicts and dividing Iraq may also end this as these countries will try to strengthen their relations with the new emergent countries rather than interfering in Iraq’s politics to protect their interests.

Collapse is better than a corrupt construction. Iraq’s construction was based on corruption, now time to collapse and let the peoples rebuild their own.

About the Author
Kamal Chomani is a Kurdish journalist writing on the political affairs of the Kurdistan Regional Government and covering Kurdish politics in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey for leading impartial Kurdish media outlets. Chomani has had a regular column for The Kurdistan Tribune since 2010 and previously served on the editorial staff of leading Kurdish political Lvin Magazine and as a former Reporters Without Borders correspondent for the Kurdistan Region. He was shortlisted in the 2013 International Media Awards and holds an MA in English literature in Bangalore University, India. He has also co-founded and The Pasewan (