Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Let me tell you a story

About eighty-five years ago, lands around the Mediterranean Sea became a war zone. Germany, Russia, Britain and the U.S. were the key players.

Germany was like a lion with wings, a formidable foe that quickly conquered land. Eventually Germany was defeated. The Marshall Plan succeeded in reeducating Germans to become more civilized and humane.

The “Russian Bear,” after the war, imposed their communist ideology on many countries. In the subsequent Cold War, Russia stood on one side, against the Wesr.

Britain fought tenaciously, like a leopard. Its leadership, consisting of four heads (the Monarchy, Prime Minister, and two legislative houses) stubbornly held on, as the country’s air force fought audaciously in all four directions. Eventually Britain was victorious.

The U.S. developed into an awesome power, defeating Germany and horrifically devastating two Japanese cities with atomic bombs. The U.S. had become a superpower, led by various presidents. Before Trump, there were ten presidents who, after World War Two, served full terms. Then came Trump.

President Trump was unique. He saw what people wanted. He spoke bombastically. He criticized and spoke disparagingly against three previous presidents (Obama, Bush, and Clinton). He contested the election against Biden, and his words riled up numerous supporters who, for a short time, proceeded to take over the Capitol Building. America and its bastion of power was humiliated.

Subsequent years has seen an America in decline. Domestic polarization and waning global influence have greatly humbled Americans, as they strive to find direction in a shaky and turbulent world.

The world is now focused on Israel. Fighting Hamas in Gaza, battling against missiles from Hezbollah, Houthis, Iraqi militants and Iran, while pushing back against world pressure to ceasefire, Israel seems to be up against vast forces. Yet, strangely, Israel perseveres. Because G-d protects the Jewish nation.

As I grew up, studying Torah in Jewish elementary schools and Yeshivas, I was fascinated with the Book of Daniel. Not just how he survived in a den of hungry lions and other interesting occurrences, but mainly because of his descriptions and dates regarding the future Redemption with Moshiach.

In recent years, I decided to take a closer look at what Daniel said, saw, and heard. I collaborated with others, sharing viewpoints and insights. And a picture began to take shape, pieces started fitting into the puzzle. And quite possibly, it seemed that perhaps Daniel’s predictions in a number of chapters were describing current times. This reinforced optimism that Moshiach and Redemption are very close.

Here follows excerpts from chapter seven, which seem to be accurately describing the story that I told above.

Verse 2. Daniel sees a night vision. The four winds of heaven stir up the great sea. The word used is “migichon” which is connected to the idea of goring (ki yigach). The commentary Rashi says that the four winds fought with the great sea. The great sea usually means the Mediterranean. 

3. Four immense beasts emerged from the water, different from one another. (The angel later tells Daniel that these four beasts represent four kingdoms.)

4. The first beast is like a lion with eagle’s wings. Its wings are plucked, and it is taken from the earth, put on feet like a person, and a human heart is given to it. 

5. The second beast is like a bear, it stood to one side, three ribs were between its teeth, and it was told to rise and eat much meat.

6. The third beast was like a leopard, with four wings, it had four heads, and it was given dominion.

7. The fourth beast was exceedingly terrifying, very strong, with iron teeth. It ate a lot and crumbled it, and trampled the rest with its feet. It was different from the previous beasts, and it had ten horns. The angel later tells Daniel that the horns represent kings.

8. Daniel saw that a small horn came up among them and uprooted three previous horns. This horn had eyes like the eyes of people, and it spoke bombastically. (The angel later explains to Daniel, that the small horn will be different than the others, and it will humiliate three previous horns.) 

9 -11. G-d sits in judgement. Many angels stand before G-d, while He judges. Fire emanates before Him. Due to the sound of the small horn’s bombastic words, the beast is slain, its body destroyed and put in the fire. 

13-14. Someone comes up in clouds before G-d, and he is given eternal rulership over all the nations. Rashi comments that this refers to the King Moshiach, and also to Israel.

May we very soon merit to see the complete Redemption, when the entire world will be at peace, and all the nations will “serve Him with one shoulder.” (Tzefanya 3,9)

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