Alice Notis
Alice Notis

Let my people come

Dear State of Israel:

Hope you are well. I understand you’re trying to figure out how to make the application process a little easier for parents and families of olim to get to Israel. Definitely getting rid of the apostille is a huge improvement. I really think the vaccine and PCR test and maybe a serology test should be enough but I have a few thoughts about this whole situation. My application to see my children and grandchildren for the first time in 15 months (who’s counting?) hasn’t been rejected yet but I know others who have.

While you’re considering if I and my husband are worthy of visiting and of course, if we’ve submitted enough documentation, I would just like you to remember who we are and other parents like us. Maybe you’ll consider not putting any more hurdles in our path to prevent us from reuniting with our children who have made the huge commitment to live in Israel and become immigrants.

We are the parents who have always contributed to the Federation for funding for Israel.

We are the parents who call our government representatives and encourage them to support Israel.

We are the parents who sent our children to Jewish schools and support the shlichim in our communities.

We are the parents who ran to Israel for our childrens’ Bar and Bat mitzvahs so they would develop a love of Israel.

We are the parents who sent our children to Bnei Akiva camps so they would grow in their love of Israel.

We are the parents who sent our impressionable children to yeshivas for a gap year. Most times the yeshivas would convince our children to make Aliya or join the army or both.

We are the parents who have educated our children in the elite schools of the United States so they can make Aliya as scientists, physicians, lawyers and business people and better contribute to the State of Israel.

We are the parents who jump on a plane to see our children any time we get a chance.

We are the parents who work in health care and follow the rules because we know how devastating this disease can be.

We are the parents who got vaccinated as soon as we could and volunteer in vaccine clinics to make this world a better place.

We are the grandparents of grandchildren who will ultimately serve in the Israeli army.

Dayenu. Don’t make it so hard for us. We are your biggest asset.

About the Author
Alice Notis live in the US but has a daughter and son in law and grandchildren living in Israel. She works as a NICU nurse in Allentown, PA and has volunteered to vaccinate those in her hospital with the COVID 19 vaccine.
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