Anat Ghelber
Anat Ghelber

Let Not the Jury Decide

I’ve heard it said that in Judaism, Hell doesn’t exist.

A simple explanation for that might be that Hell doesn’t need to exist, it’s already happening here in this world.

Let’s take America for example, the land of possibilities. In one way it’s like that cursed place in the story of Pinocchio, Pleasure Island, where unfettered youths are allowed to indulge in every pleasure and vice to their heart’s content, until the curse catches up to them.

But it’s also where hunger strikes at every corner. It’s where love at first sight exists only in Hollywood movies, where the meek and tired have to wake up to feed the hungry. It’s a place where animals are abused. It’s where politicians care only about winning for themselves, not for the people.

A world run by the cover and not by the book. In this world there sits a man, there sits a woman, there sits a child of God, languishing in empty cells for crimes they did not commit, forgotten and left to rot. They suffer because they were judged by some jury that were selected by lawyers pandering to liars.

These lawyers make their case, first in court and then make a “case” full of money. Who are the people in these juries? Ordinary people with ordinary problems, but also ordinary feelings, specifically selected by the lawyers to help them win the case.

We have to stop letting juries decide the fate of an innocent soul. The average people decides everything based on emotions, which can be deadly in a jury trial, deciding the fate of a man or a woman. While the defendant may look like a beast, he may be a prince, waiting to be released.

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