‘Let our people go’

It is time for the world to turn its attention to Hamas and convince them to step up and avoid the consequences of not releasing our hostages. Israel will not stop in its right to recapture its citizens but it is offering a window for de-escalation and it is time to turn the pressure onto Hamas and “Let our People Go”

Benny Gantz has given Hamas until the 10th March , i.e. the start of the Holy month of Ramadan to release the hostages and avoid Israel having to move in to try to recapture them.

Israel are giving a clear opportunity here for Hamas to “step-up” and avert a terrible battle. It is time for those who support Hamas and the Muslim world in general ahead of Ramadan to exert their pressure on Hamas to finally show a duty of care for its people which it has pushed into hell.

Give up the captives!!!!! “Let our people go” and avoid a battle that will help no-one.

To Hamas: You chose to attack on 7th October, you chose to brutally murder 1200 people, perform the worst sexual and physical assault, capture hundreds of our people and you chose to put your people in peril deliberately ….

To those who support Hamas: It is time to say ‘Enough’…return the 136 hostages

There are not many (I’d say any) military armies who would show the patience that Israel is showing and giving a window of opportunity here. Take it!

Ramadan offers a chance for the de-escalation of the conflict or unfortunately for the escalation…I hate the violence, abhor the non-terrorist loss of life, and pray for it to end. Hamas – you started this but the ball is in your court

“Let our People Go”

About the Author
I live in Yad Binyamin having made Aliyah 17 years ago from London. I have an amazing wife and kids including a son in Special Forces and two daughters, one soon to start uni and one in high school. A partner of a global consulting firm and a Parkinson's patient and advocate.