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Shocking Denial of October 7th Massacre

I get frustrated when listening to the news, reading articles or watching videos about the morality and ethics of the IDF (in order to minimize harm to the Palestinians) during targeted bombing of Hamas tunnels and infrastructure.

Why this frustration? Because acknowledging the humanitarian standards of the IDF, which includes phone calls directly to Palestinians and air-dropping flyers warning them to leave a targeted building or area days before an attack, is not working to gain public support in defense of the October 7th massacre. Nor empathy for the ongoing suicide bombings and daily rocket attacks into Israel since 2006, when Hamas was voted into power in Gaza.

Subsequently, making the term “Occupier” a non sequitur, for the Israelis completely withdrew all citizens and businesses from Gaza in 2005, leaving the Palestinians to govern themselves.

Has the acknowledgment of the IDF’s high moral and humanitarian standards changed the attitudes of nescient university students who join the hate-filled crowds to mindlessly protest against Israel and the Jews? NO! Has it changed the progressive left politicians to support and vote in Israel’s favor. NO! Therefore, I would like to take a different tack to get the attention of these mindless automatons.

My previous articles The Hypocrisy of Jew Hatred and A Drone in Time are formatted to educate and present basic facts to address this issue. I’d like to restate a portion thereof:

“Israel commits genocide.” This is the rallying cry of the brainwashed and manipulated university students and protesters. It is statistically impossible. For the Palestinian population growth rate increased from: 944,807 in 1950 to 5,371,230 in 2023. Remarkably, the Palestinian population in Gaza has grown by 4,426,423 in the last 75 years. Genocide! Impossible!

NIH-National Library of Medicine article: Between 2005 and 2020 there were 449,059 Palestinians who received medical treatment and lives saved in Israeli hospitals, at no charge.  Extrapolating that number over 75 years since Israel became a nation state is approximately 2,500,000 Palestinian lives saved (which is half the population of Gaza) by Israeli doctors, medical teams and hospitals.

Thanks to the great humanitarian efforts of Israel, absorbing millions of dollars of medical costs over 75 years, the Palestinian population grew tenfold. And yet, Israel is accused of genocide!

One heartbreaking fact: The Israelis who lived in the Kibbutzim that were barbarically attacked on October 7th and were tortured, burned alive, raped before and after being killed, beheaded, dismembered, had their genitals and breasts cut off by Hamas and participating Palestinian residents, were the same Israelis who selflessly brought these Palestinians to the Israeli hospitals for life-saving medical care, at no charge.

In exchange for their generosity, kindness and humanitarian efforts, the Palestinians spied on the Israelis during these medical trips and later participated in the massacre. Young Palestinian children, women and men of all ages (estimated well over 1,000) were seen by Israeli survivors alongside the terrorists committing inhumane acts against the Israelis, Thai, Musim and Druze who lived and worked on these kibbutzim. No one was spared. And then they kidnapped 240 hostages, of which some have been tortured, raped and murdered.
“Israel is an apartheid state.” Another ridiculous rallying cry. Here is why:

Apartheid Definition

No citizenship

No right to vote

No serving in government

No equality

No property ownership

Proof Israel is not Apartheid                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Arab/Israelis are citizens with the right to vote. There have been Arab/Israeli members of the Knesset ever since the first Knesset elections in 1949.

The Chairman of Israel’s largest bank is an Arab/Israeli.

An Arab/Israeli Muslim is a Supreme Court Judge.

Arab/Israelis are university professors, doctors, lawyers, business and property owners.

Like America, Israel gives the full rights of citizenship to all, regardless of race, creed, country of origin, gender, etc.

Compared to other Middle Eastern countries, Israel does afford LGBTQ people more benefits and rights. This includes the right to adopt, the right to social security, and protection from discrimination from employers and the ability to serve openly and equally in the military.

In contrast to LGBTQ being tortured and killed in Gaza, the West Bank and other Arab countries for there is no tolerance in Islam for this lifestyle.

It’s a good thing the rallying cry “Queers for Palestine,” besides being an oxymoron, is not a fait accompli.

Which brings me to my final point. October 7th Denial. As Jews, we believe in the sanctity of the body after death. That is why the IDF does not release pictures to the general public of the barbarism committed against Israeli civilians by Hamas. I also believe that without documented proof, those who hate Israel and the Jews deliberately refuse to believe there even was a massacre.

So I am appealing to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the IDF and the victim’s families to reconsider showing the burned, tortured, dismembered and beheaded bodies of their loved ones to the general public, as painful as it would be, so that the world will see the appalling acts of barbarism, and never forget this diabolical truth.

For when someone sees a body bag and is told there is a beheaded woman in it, but they can’t see it, how do they know that’s true!

By bringing this gut-wrenching reality into world consciousness, maybe, the brainwashed university students and progressive left politicians would finally realize that this evil carnage is the catastrophic result of the irrational obsession with Jew-hatred and anti-Zionism.

When we see body bags and are told that the children, woman and men inside were beheaded, show these precious lives!

When a pregnant mother’s stomach was cut open and the baby removed and beheaded, show these precious lives!

When a family was tortured, tied together and burned alive, and you see their screaming faces and reaching arms, show these precious lives.

When women were tortured, gang raped before and after being killed, show these precious lives.

When bunkers are filled wall to wall with bloody dead bodies, killed by bullets and grenades, show these precious lives.

Otherwise, how will the world’s conscience and eyes believe the true nature of Hamas and the Palestinians. For if we were to ask ourselves, what would the Holocaust look like summarized in one day, the answer would be October 7th.

These tortured bodies are screaming to reveal their truth to the world for the same reasons General Dwight D. Eisenhower immediately ordered film documenting the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust.

“Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses -because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.”                              ― Dwight D. Eisenhower

This is my appeal to Prime Minister Netanyahu, the IDF and the victim’s families. Let them tell their story!

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Adrienne Skolnik worked professionally as a commercial real estate broker. She served on the National Advisory Committee of the Conference of Jewish Affairs with her friend and mentor, the late Rabbi Aryeh Spero, and was creator of The New Jewish Exodus Project zoom presentation: Jews Fleeing Woke Synagogues! – Americans for Peace and Tolerance
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