Surjit Singh Flora

Let world stop this terrible Ukraine war

It is Six months since Russia invaded Ukraine. President Vladimir Putin declared war on February 24. But did anybody realise that a small country like Ukraine could hold off Russia, a superpower, for so long? For how long?

For all the rhetoric, Russia is still invading with a smaller force than Ukraine is defending. That suggests they don’t intend to conquer the neighbouring country as a whole but want to take large bites before they start talking peace.

This war has shown the world a terrible scenario. Some 34,000 Russian and 25,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed so far. According to a rough estimate, 60,000-70,000 innocent civilian lives have been lost so far.

The Ukrainians are superhumanly brave, and this invasion is unjustified, absurd and cruel. The brave soldiers, the citizens standing by them and their leader, President Volodymyr Zelensky. Sure, Ukraine might not be the best nation out there but they’re not bad. Hopefully, they can hold out and never stop fighting Russia. Not against the people of Russia. Those who protest the war are incredibly brave as well.

Responsible for the massacre

This war is terrible and need to end immediately while keeping Ukraine’s independence. Russia, which claims to have brought socialism to it, is directly responsible for the massacre. Moscow has even announced the issuance of passports in large parts of Ukraine. Ukraine has suffered over $600 billion economic losses.

The consequences of this war are being felt not only by Ukraine but by the whole world, including Russia. All the major multinationals have left Russia. Western countries have imposed sanctions on Russia. About 160 million people in poor countries that buy food grains from Russia and Ukraine are in danger of going hungry.

The possibility of a world war cannot be ruled out should Russia invade a supporting country—as happened in 1939, when Adolf Hitler started the seven-year Second World War. The UN and other international organizations, as well as world leaders, must now step forward.

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Surjit has lived in Canada for last 35 years. He has published all around the globe in more than 100 newspapers both in print and online, in addition to being blogger for many sites. HE's also the editor & publisher of Asia Metro News Magazine Toronto Canada