Tsvi Sadan

Lethal Nonsense

Although accusing Israel of genocide and war crimes is sheer nonsense, millions are cursing Israel and the Jews for being worse than Nazi Germany. Erdogan of Turkey and Maduro of Venezuela, both of whom are denouncing Israel as exterminating the Palestinian people are only two influential figures that, in the name of peace and human rights, incite such hatred in people that, if given the opportunity, will make them murder Jews wherever they can be found.

Spewing out such outrageous allegations is a sign of a serious bowel infection caused by millions of twitter and facebook bacteria that, if not treated properly, will kill the organism harboring it. The raw and unmitigated hate seen in demonstrations all over the world leaves little doubt that Jews are once again becoming the arch-enemy of the human race. The horror is that those who blame Israel in poorly-fabricated accusations of crimes may well be those who will spearhead an all-out jihad/crusade in yet another attempt to solve the Jewish problem.

Unbelievable as it may be, in the Orwellian world in which we live in anti-Semitism is slowly becoming a virtue. Today, more people than ever before are willing to finish what Hitler started. Before our very eyes, Hitler is being reincarnating in world leaders seeking death for Israel, some of which are actually building the means to carry out their intentions. The abuse Israel takes even from friends like President Obama, who so generously grants Israel the right of self-defense only to take it away by calling for immediate cease fire, is an ominous warning sign that should tell us that rather than being properly treated the anti-Semitic infection is spreading.

Many people who take the Bible seriously frequently wonder about the great war described in the last chapters of the book of Ezekiel. Some popular authors have speculated that the excuse for the massive invasion of armies into Israel will be Israel’s riches. Powerful as it is though, greed is not enough to form global military coalitions. At least in modern times, allied forces were formed to combat evil in the form of Hitler, Saddam Husain, and Osama Bin Laden.

The present ugly wave of hate-without-cause towards Israel suggests a very plausible scenario for this otherwise unbelievable prophecy. Whoever this Gog is, he at least seems to understand that Israel’s total defeat depends on the persuasion of the masses that an army of unprecedented magnitude could only be assembled under the banner of the fight of good against evil. Hamas’ capacity of convincing millions of people across the globe of the nonsense that it is a humanitarian organization should leave little doubt that Ezekiel’s vision is a real possibility.

About the Author
Ph.D. in Jewish history. Born in kibbutz; author of the book Flesh of our Flesh: Jesus of Nazareth in Zionist Thought (Carmel, 2008). Freelance writer for the monthly magazine Israel Today.