Let’s be honest

Peace. It’s a noble goal.  It truly is.  It should be something you strive for and something you fight for.  It’s something worthy and something to which people dedicate their lives.  And sometimes, it should even be something for which you are prepared to die.  It should be the goal of all humanity.

But not at all costs.

So let’s be honest about Israel and the Palestinians and the Arab world.  I think we need to accept the fact that the Palestinian leadership do not want peace.  Neither do they want a two state solution in the same way that the deluded world think they do.

Throughout the State of Israel’s history, they have tried to make peace.  It wasn’t always perfect, but from the outset they made efforts.  They accepted a partition plan, which the Arabs rejected.  They gave up the Sinai.  They gave up Gaza.  They’ve offered the Palestinians a peace deal on so many occasions, yet not once did the Palestinians ever even consider it.  They’ve stuck to their absolutist position of rejection, rejection and rejection.

The two state solution is dead.  But it was never really alive, except maybe in the warped fantasies of the UN, EU and the US.  You see, negotiating peace in the Middle East is not exactly the same as discussing trade tariffs on apples between North Dakota and South Dakota.  The good ‘folk’ of the Middle East are a little different.

The Palestinians have never accepted Israel – ever.  Yes, they accepted the Oslo agreement, but as Yasser Arafat said one year later to a South Africa crowd:  It was all a tactical ruse in their battle to destroy the Jewish state.  Has anything really changed?

If Israel had to give in to the Palestinian demand of allowing the refugees in – would that be enough?  Would that be in the end of the conflict?

How about if Israel released all the Palestinian prisoners – the ones who have murdered, stabbed and bombed men, women, children and babies.  Would that be the end of the conflict?

How about if Israel gave up Jerusalem?  How about now – the end of the conflict?

And finally, if they pulled out of all of Judea and Samaria and they removed all Jews from their homes and forced them into the borders of the 1949 armistice line – would that be enough to mark the end of the conflict?

We know it wouldn’t happen, because the sad reality is that their goal is not to make peace with Israel – it is simply to destroy it in whatever means they can.  Whatever Israel offers them will not be enough.  If Israel was reduced to two streets and an alleyway – it would be too much.

And yet this fantasy of theirs is perpetuated by the great powers of the world.  President Obama has called Abbas a partner for peace.  Really?  A man who accuses Israel of genocide and will not allow any Jews into his fantasy land of Palestine is a man of peace.  John Kerry, whose peroxide in his hair has clearly seeped through and destroyed the last remaining brain cells he had, has accused Israel of causing the rise of ISIS.  He further went on to say that peace talks must be resumed.  So let me get this straight – Israel must negotiate with the group who want it destroyed.  So by applying that same logic, does that mean that America will be negotiating with ISIS since they want to destroy them too?

The EU and Britain, who share the same backbone as a garden slug, are trying to force Israel into making ‘peace’ by recognising the State of Palestine.  But it’s only a symbolic gesture we are told – so that’s okay.  I guess we could call them spineless appeasers who support fascist terrorists – but only symbolically, of course, so that should be fine.

And as for that great light of world peace – the UN.  Well, I think the fact that Hamas weapons were found in their buildings says it all.  Not to mention a human rights organisation that only investigates Israel while ignoring every Palestinian violation that’s ever occurred.  Even moderate Jordan, Israel’s peace partner, equated ‘Zionist extremists’ to the Islamic State.  Really?   So Jews are going around chopping people’s heads off and publishing them on the Internet.  Must have missed that newsflash…

But let’s be honest. To the Palestinians, the settlers as they are termed, do not just include the Jews of Efrat or Ariel or east Jerusalem.  They include the Jews of Tel Aviv, of Haifa and of Safed.  But don’t just take my word for it – it’s on the official Palestinian Authority television programming – completely ignored by the world’s news media.  To the Palestinians, the entire Israel is occupied territory.

So if we accept the basic premise that Israel does not have a peace partner, what should they do?  What can they do?  In all honesty, perhaps the only thing they can do is to make the ‘peace’ themselves by defining their own borders, in which they feel secure, rather than being ‘forced’ into it by a world stuck in a quagmire of quicksand, fuelled by Palestinian fantasies.  There is no point waiting for the Palestinians to declare the conflict over, because to them, it will never be over, no matter what deal is ever reached.

Israel should not and will not go back to the pre-1967 lines and that fantasy of the world community, or the UN, or the Arab world, or the Palestinians should be firmly dashed.  Whatever Israel does, they will be condemned.  So they might as well be condemned for doing something, rather than doing nothing.

John Kerry and Ban Ki Moon and Catherine Ashton can engage in the Palestinian fantasies if they wish, but they amount to nothing more than ‘tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.’

I’ve said before that I can’t say with any certainty what the way forward for Israel is, but I do know what the way forward isn’t.

And let’s be honest, it’s not with the current leadership of the Palestinian Authority.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.