Let’s give American “Jewish Leaders” a break

In tense times like these, many of us activists lament that too many of the American so-called “Jewish leaders” repeatedly fail to switch from advocacy to activism at times when their position publicly could make a meaningful difference for Israel and for all Jews. The truth is that it is unfair to criticize them for not taking a leadership position on the fight against the BDSers.

Despite the media’s (liberal and conservative) and the White House’s need to have their “go to” Jewish “leaders” when covering an event or an issue to speak on behalf of all Jews, we owe it to these individuals to relieve them of a responsibility that is not theirs. They are NOT leaders of any Jews other than their own members, donors, or congregants who have expressly granted them the right to speak on their behalf. They are merely officials of a non-profit organization. Nothing more. We need to make sure that the world is made aware of the difference… with crystal clarity.

This not to pick a fight with them or to denigrate or destroy them. This is an act of mercy to remove them from unwarranted harsh criticism. In other times when Jewish communities were isolated, heads of Jewish organizations, media, and institutions were traditionally viewed as the leaders of their enclaves, so-called Jewish communities. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not so much. Many think it made little sense then, and it makes even less sense now in an Internet world where every Jew has an equal voice. WE CAN DO THIS OURSELVES, yes we can!


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Ron Dolinsky