Let’s give Israelis a break

Israeli’s deserve the same rights as Americans, French, Brits, Germans, all continental Europeans, Africans, Asians, and South Americans.

It is unfair and unkind to expect that every Israeli would be more intelligent, more informed, more rational, more open-minded, more unselfish, more levelheaded, more creative, more open-minded, less tricky, less devious, less paranoid, less prejudiced, etc… than any other nationality, religion, or ethnic group. It is this Global false expectation that is at the¬†epicenter of the double standards that Israelis are held to.

So when Israel is held to a higher standard by European ambassadors and diplomats,¬†Israelis should simply say, “Boy are you ever wrong. We have just as many flawed people as you do in your country. And your country’s history is indelible evidence of that.”

About the Author
Ron Dolinsky