Let’s give Paris the mourning she deserves

I’m somewhat perturbed. Not only because of the horrific events that occurred in Paris last weekend, claiming 120 innocent lives — and counting. Nor, only, down to the equally horrifying terror attack that took a father and son away from this world — simply for being Jewish — by Palestinians in Israel. I’m somewhat perturbed because some reactions I’ve seen on social media have left me feeling both uncomfortable and ashamed.

Let’s get something straight. I know that what our tiny country has to endure daily — ever since its creation — is more than any country should have to bear — thousands of times over. I know of the countless attacks, suicide bombs, stabbings, stoning and general hatred our people have to live with on a permanent basis. I also know that the world has a natural bias against Israel and against Jews and fails to report the majority of these incidents accurately, and I know this is unfair. It’s a sickening reality made worse — not even by an indifference to our people but by a cruel twisting of facts that it is somehow our fault. I know.

But I also know that bearing this injustice for the world to see in response to the French flags so many have filtered over their Facebook picture with comments questioning why no-one is doing the same for Israel is not only insensitive but counter-productive. I know that anyone with any connection to Paris — nay, France — would probably not appreciate a sentiment like that. I know that anyone without a connection to Israel — that very same majority who we tirelessly try to educate with the truth — would probably not appreciate a sentiment like that — not right now, anyway. I know that the feeling behind such comments has a very real place in today’s narrative of terror, but I also know that expressing such a sentiment immediately in the aftermath of such events ruins any validity it might otherwise hold. Not to mention the fact that it probably won’t do us any favours in the long-term, either.

The world hates us as it is — let’s not give them any more cause to do so.

About the Author
A qualified journalist, Joanna is a freelancer and blogger from London. Writing on a range of issues, from current affairs to babies, she loves to express herself through the written word.