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Let’s make a movie, President Biden!

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You got me, President Joe. I thought a normal thought, and come to find out it doesn’t relate to Israel. I know this drill and should have known better.

The thought was, you’re going to build a pier and help Israel provide aid to Gazan civilians. The word “help” sprung up by default because, that’s how it works most everywhere else. Assistance with distribution is an implied part of aid. It’s not ding dong drop ditch. It’s boots on the shore to collaboratively and safely get aid out to Gaza civilians. Just dropping off some food; no invasions, no hijinks. Standard United Nations stuff, unless you’re Israel.

So while I was dreaming of a shared, tactical, and heavily secured Blue Hawaii in my previous Times of Israel blog post, you were dreaming of Hunger Games.

Will it work like this, Producer Joe?

Time-lapse montage (of months): a big pier is built off the Gaza coast, with pier parts coming from the open sea. Then, massive amounts of supplies are delivered to the pier, to Israelis, in the same manner. Meanwhile, hostages from Israel are still imprisoned in Gaza. We don’t even know how many are alive or dead.

Next scene: Everyone leaves but the IDF, who are alone, on a pier, in the sea. Their goal—provide food to hungry people who have been drilled to despise them. May the odds be ever in their favor.

Hollywood couldn’t hold my suspense better. On screens around the world, an international audience cheers for the rapists, cold-blooded murderers, and kidnappers, with the additional torture of knowing hostages from Israel are still imprisoned in Gaza, likely within a mile of shore.

What will be Catching Fire first? Flaming balloons, drifting from the beach? Bombs hidden in the bulgur? Tick tock until platforms rise to the surface from underground tunnels, the Gazan special skill. How many soldiers and civilians are scripted to die or have lasting, severe psychological trauma here?

I understand there is now aid coming through a new land route. I wonder if the UN and Morocco are going with a Mad Max storyline inside of Gaza, or are things proceeding in basic, normal, common-sense ways. Will Moroccan boots be in the Gaza Strip? Why theirs and not yours, President Joe? If you’re going to stay hands-off, why isn’t your main message to the world, at least, that hostages from Israel are still imprisoned in Gaza. That Hamas broke the ceasefire and started this war by butchering Jews. That Hamas is untrustworthy and dangerous and must be dismantled.

I know the US has been a supporter of Israel and thank you. But the psychological war and assault from you, President Biden, is real. I feel it in my heart, here in the US, when you threaten , strong-arm, and manipulate Israeli leaders. When you forget the basic math that 7 million Jews in Israel (and only 15 million worldwide), are targeted by over 300 million Muslim Arabs and Persians/Iranians in the Near and Middle East.

There has always only been a mere handful of humans on the front line of Israel and Jewry’s long-term safety and survival on planet earth. What would your stance be if October 7 happened under Begin, Sharon, Peres, Shamir?

It’s time for you and Bibi to hug it out, and for you to realign your compass. Your old friend Netanyahu, and all the Israel cabinet, and Israelis, and Jewry worldwide needs and deserves your uncompromised support. Not impossible demands, not joining the murderously hateful rhetoric that Jews and Israel have endured for 80 years and more.

President Biden, I want to see the outcome of a different movie. Where you have that “come to Jesus” moment with yourself, toss on those Ray-Bans and singularly declare “Return the hostages and surrender, Hamas” and flip this prolonged, predictable, homicidally antisemitic and offensive script, once and for all.

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