Let’s teach our children about global warming

Friends, you should know that, due to global warming and environmental problems, the earth’s temperature is constantly rising.

If the necessary measures are not taken to save the earth’s environment, the day is not far when it will be completely polluted, and it will be impossible to save life here. Below are some of the websites that will enhance your knowledge of the earth.

Nasa Climate Kids

This is a children’s education site ( developed by the US space agency Nasa. It is a treasure trove of the environment, where you will find answers to all kinds of questions.

Different sections have been created here. After going to the Big Questions section, you can find answers to questions related to greenhouse effect, climate change and so on.

There are also sections on weather and climate, water, energy, plants and animals, etcetera, in which you will find various information related to the environment and the earth.

The good news is that you can watch related videos here or play games based on the environment.

Noah Games

This is no ordinary gaming platform; it is specially designed for children to enhance their knowledge of the environment through sports.

The US National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration has designed on its website a game themed on environmental awareness.

Every game belongs to the planet and while playing, children can find solutions to environmental problems in the real world. It has games like Water Life, Connect the Data, Mix and Match, Puzzle, and Ocean Challenge.

Bicycle City

This is an online game where children can learn about protecting the environment. Visit Recycle City ( to find out how waste products can be used. Also, how energy can be used. How many small things can save money.

To play this game, you have to take part in the Recycle City Challenge and decide for yourself what can be done to reduce waste, energy and so on in the home, school and community.

Kidney Space Game for Kids Space Game


A child fetches water at Barmil water point, Wajir East, in this photo taken on October 13, 2019. Children are often the biggest casualties of global warming, which results in severe droughts and floods that ravage the region. Photo by POOL

Have you just tried to explore the world in your solar system? You may have read about it in school geography books but, if you want to know more about it, you can download Astronomy: Space Game for Kids.

In addition to the interactive star chart, you will find information on millions of celestial objects. In the game, you can not only learn about the solar system but also get interesting information related to it. Also, you can see through quizzes how much you know about your solar system.

This app is available on Google Play Store.


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