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Lies, libels and lack of probity in media and UN

The Anglo-Jewish community protests outside the BBC over their biased coverage of Israel and Jewish people
The Anglo-Jewish community protests outside the BBC over their biased coverage of Israel and Jewish people

Words are important. In times of war, their importance is magnified.Never has my mission for Jonny Gould’s Jewish State seemed more urgent: to combat the slurs, the lies and the distortions of history which threaten Israel and Jewish people.

The media has a responsibility – at the very least – not to fan conjecture and untruths, because it comes with a by product: incitement.

And it’s the media column which seems found to be woefully short of moral purpose.

Hundreds of thousands Britons felt emboldened to head for Central London in support of Hamas, which prompted a disagreement between the Home Secretary, Suella Braverman and the chief of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Mark Rowley about the small amount of arrests. We hear from Sir Mark outside the Home Office as he left the meeting.

As the weeks went by the protests, which became weekly got bigger, swelling from 100,000 to over 350,000 by week 4.

Ms. Braverman eventually lost her job, describing the anti-Israel rallies as “hate marches” in a Times newspaper article.

We also hear from UK prime minister, Rishi Sunak confirming the media’s scandalous rush to parrot Hamas’ claim that Israel bombed a Gazan hospital as a lie.

Mr Sunak visited Jerusalem to show moral support for Israel to meet his opposite number, Benjamin Netanyahu. We hear from both at a news conference.

And when the world’s lead international politician finds a way to blame Israel for the massacres perpetrated against them, you might wonder whether the world is ranged against Israel, holding the Jewish state to a different standard.

UN secretary general Antonio Gutteres said Hamas’ butchery didn’t come “in a vacuum”.

The butchery, rape, kidnapping is given reason by the UN.

The resolve to destroy Hamas amid calls for “proportionality” and a ceasefire have caused outrage in Israel. You’ll also hear from Israel’s foreign minister, Eli Cohen.

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