Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa
The one who fights the battle with pen not gun.

Life gives choices, it’s we who decide our future

No wonder this world is very beautiful. There are memories, incidents, faces, and personalities which sometimes are really unforgettable. Life never stops without these but it definitely doesn’t go in the same direction it is ought to be.

Life is a very strange word understanding which takes life and making others understand requires a life too. One can’t become a student and a real teacher of life at the same time. Though different cultures and religions have tried wholeheartedly to convey their philosophy and life itself miserably failed them. To me, life is a teacher who teaches at every step, not before we step forward but after we step and make a mistake.

Life gave everyone choices. Sometimes, those choices are bitter to choose from but this is what life is all about. Our today is made by us motivated by the choices we made in the past our life has offered and the same way our tomorrow will be based on the choices we’re making today. No one can blame the past. It’s we who decide not anyone else.

Many don’t understand the difference between personal and private life. But, in my eyes, every person shares his/her personal life with many. One has a personal life with his wife which is different than the personal life he enjoys with his friends or even son or brother. So, every person lives so many personal lives. It is quite possible that the personal life which you live with your best friend you might never have that with your life partner.

Private life is very unique to every individual. There is always something which you do never tell anyone, no matter what. That unique idea or thought draws a new circle around your life which is called your private life.

People who don’t separate personal and private lives always live miserably. It is seen that people like those are never successful in their lives. Those few or two or one secret makes them stand distinct among the crowd.

The life which you enjoy should have an essence of love and affection otherwise you’ll never find happiness. Hate never brings happiness. Remember, happiness can never be achieved it can only be pursued.

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Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa is Editor of The Eastern Herald, OSINT partisan, Political Analyst, Anti-Terrorism Journalist, and Human Rights Activist.
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