Life Hacks on Writing Research Paper on Jewish Holidays

One of the worst dreaded assignments for college students is writing a research paper.

The reason is while most college professors think the students have already been taught how to write a research paper in high school the students have not been taught this type of paper. This leaves the students confused and on their own as to how to actually do the research paper.

What life hacks work?

These life hacks work when writing a research paper no matter what the topic is, even Jewish holidays.
  1. Plan and schedule — write out a schedule have sources by a set date. Use yourself as a source. Your own life experiences can be used to illustrate the point you are making. Use experts, you can generally find a way to contact them thanks to google. Ask the experts questions or advice on your topic.
  2. Use a wiki to find resources, not as a source itself.
  3. Deal with subjects of the topic one at a time.
  4. Use a system such as a notebook; keep bibliography notes including pages where content was found along with your thoughts while creating the bibliography for your resources.
  5. Prepare an outline to include your citations in the outline to save time later.

Once you have your research put together use your notes to write your paper.

Writing your research paper

It starts with writing a strong thesis. A strong thesis will tell what you plan to prove or demonstrate in your paper. Here are 5 attention grabbing thesis.

  1. Challenge a misconception such as, people think that civil rights are equal but they really are not.
  2. Make an unlikely connection. Here you want to find a new or shocking way of seeing or thinking about a concept.
  3. Restructure a classic work in view of today’s technology, social structure, or culture. Imagine what a Snow White might do in today’s corporate world.
  4. Rehabilitate a villain. Take a villain from a classic story and make people take them seriously.
  5. Restructure today’s world in view of technology, social structure, or culture context of a classic.

Choose your audience, think of writing your paper for your parents, a younger sibling, the president someone who needs to have things explained.  Imagine as you write that your paper will be published in a prominent newspaper or journal.

Use to check your paper for overused words such as poverty or education. Then use a thesaurus in order to find appropriate words to replace the overused words in your paper.

The layout should consist of;

  1. The thesis statement
  2. The body
  3. The supporting evidence
  4. The conclusion
  5. The revisions
  6. The bibliography

Some other options are to buy a paper. What are some of best sites for writing help?

How to use the lifehacks when writing a research paper on Jewish holidays

If your assignment is to write a research paper on Jewish holidays then your sources should be Jewish Rabbis, Jewish friends, and of course online Jewish virtual library.

Your thesis could be on the differences between Jewish holidays and Christian holidays such as Passover, or religious holidays of your religion.

With the exception of sources all of the tips above are the same regardless of the topic.

The types of difficulties run into when writing research papers

Many students run into a problem with research papers for a couple of reasons.

First many have no idea how to write a research paper it is not something they learned in high school. Most high school teachers do not teach this, even though they should and because of this students do not realize how involved a research paper is and think they have plenty of time. Most professors know how long a research paper takes to gather resources and write so they do not give you a lot of extra time in order to do the paper.

Second many students do not manage their time well when it comes to research papers. They tend to wait until the last minute to start because they work or have a heavy class load and assignments, sickness or other issues.  Suddenly it is time to write the paper and they have not even begun the research. This is when they start looking to buy papers. The problem with buying papers is they do not learn how to write a research paper themselves.


Whether you are writing a research paper on Jewish holidays or another topic the hacks above will help you write a good paper.

Most high schools are not preparing students for research papers or even essays of college level; so when students get to college and receive a research paper assignment they have no idea how to complete it.

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