Life Imitates Art

Gaza Chief’s Brutal Calculation: Civilian Bloodshed Will Help Hamas

The Wall Street Journal, June 11, 2024

Wow!  Hold the presses! Award WSJ the Pulitzer, and now.

Like we never knew this?

Walid: Abu Ahmad, just tell me what’s in that bag?

Abu Ahmad: Redemption. The suicide bomber will use it tomorrow. Sarin Nerve Gas.

Walid: It could lead to war.

Abu Ahmad: You have no idea how right you are. The Jews will respond. With an extremely severe retaliation. They’ll be committing such unprecedented war crimes, that all Islamic states will intervene. Including Iran.

Walid: But It’s exaggerated.  We’ve never carried out anything like this before.

Abu Ahmad: Think again. Think big. Everything we’ve done to this day has brought us to this moment. This bombing will change the entire balance of power in the Middle East. We’ll go down in history. . . It will be the beginning of the end of the Zionists.

Walid: But there will be so many casualties. I’m talking about our side, not theirs, once they retaliate.

Abu Ahmad: That’s the goal.              

“Fauda”, Season 1, Episode 11 (2015)

Art imitates life. The plan for a self-inflicted “genocide” followed by an insidiously predicted world-wide pogrom so clearly spelled out by a fictional Hamas terrorist in probably a dozen languages worth of subtitles seen by tens of millions of viewers may make “Israeli intelligence” an oxymoron, but it makes the American and international press look equally clueless if not complicit.

And Bibi, well, what can I say.  He must have been into Milchan’s champagne when they aired that episode.

In the TV show, Walid knocks off his boss, Abu Ahmad, to save his family from the consequences of the war he knows will follow Abu Ahmad’s plan.  But there are no Walids currently in Gaza, or at least not in the tunnels.

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