Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


Sometimes, the living are dead, and the dead are living.

When we say in Psalms (115; 17): “The dead will not praise You,” we are not, G-d forbid, poking fun at people who had passed away. Rather, we are saying, that the wicked, who are considered dead even when they are physically alive, don’t praise G-d.

The wicked derive their life from an impure source, a place of death. Because they choose to not obey G-d, they therefore are connected to impurity. (G-d is everywhere and creates everything, but He gives the wicked physical life via impure channels which are considered death.) So Hamas terrorists, (by disobeying G-d’s command to not murder), may be physically alive, but for all intents and purposes, they are dead.

“And you who cleave to the Lord your G-d, you are all alive today.” (Deuteronomy 4; 4) The souls of the righteous (especially those who died because they were Jews, thus sanctifying G-d’s name), cleave to G-d. They are alive.

We ask G-d to help us, to give us physical life together with spiritual life. So that we live, in this physical world, a life that is truly alive in the fullest sense, physically and spiritually. And soon this will occur also for past generations, when Moshiach will redeem us, and those who passed away will become alive again.

Hamas will disappear. Its name will be erased. Evil will be obliterated. Death will be swallowed up forever.

The Jewish nation lives, and will live, in this physical world, close to G-d forever. And the entire world will see, how G-d’s chosen nation is truly alive, in the full sense.

And you who cleave to the Lord your G-d, you are all alive this day.

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