Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


When you look at the world, you see limitations.

Left wingers are limited by the right wingers, and visa versa.

People are trying to make ends meet financially, but are stymied by inflation, high interest rates, etc.

We see many limitations, health wise and happiness wise. Relationships with others are sometimes quite challenging, and sometimes seem impossible to navigate.

And there are so many upheavals in the world, coming from different directions: Ukraine war, Gaza war, Hezbollah threat, Houthi attacks, Iranian threat, an approaching polarizing U.S. election, hunger in many countries, Europe afraid of Russian encroachment, and the list goes on.

With so many limitations and challenges, why is this post titled “Unlimited?”

Because we have the ability to rise above limitations, and to make the world a beautiful, wonderful place.

Trust in G-d leads us to happiness. And with happiness, we can transcend limitations.

For G-d, nothing is impossible. He creates the world every moment ex nihilo (something from nothing), and He conducts our lives by Divine Providence. Nothing is out of His hands. Nothing is out of His dominion.

So by connecting to G-d, by adhering to His commandments (for Jews the commandments in Torah, for non-Jews the seven Noahide laws which G-d told Moses at Mount Sinai), and by strengthening our belief and trust in Him, we imbue within ourselves the ability to leap over obstacles. With the joy and happiness of knowing that G-d is close to us, and that He has given us the ability to achieve our mission in life, to make this world a dwelling place for Him, where peace and prosperity and happiness can shine everywhere, we are able to meet challenges and transform the world into a place of harmony and meaning.

When we connect with G-d, the Creator of the universe and everything in it, we become unlimited.

When we connect with G-d, the life of the worlds, we connect to the source of life, and bring life into ourselves and our environs.

By connecting with G-d, we can achieve the impossible. We turn darkness into light, bitterness into sweetness, coldness into warmth.

By connecting to G-d, we become partners in His creation. By fulfilling His commands, we hasten the Redemption with our righteous Moshiach.

And then, watch the world transform to a wondrous place of light, warmth, joy, and peacefulness. For the entire world.

May it happen very soon.

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