Limmud Conference 2016 will offer something for everyone

Building a community is hard. The phrase “two Jews, three opinions” becomes increasingly apt when thinking about building a Limmud Conference for about three thousand participants, that reflects and honours the eclectic Jewish community both here in the UK, and around the world.

Our motto for Limmud Conference this year is Something for Everyone. We recognise that no two Limmud participants are the same, and therefore, we have to create a Conference that is broad and diverse enough that there truly is something for everyone. We are fortunate to have an incredibly talented and hardworking group of volunteers who we believe are doing just that. With vibrant sessions, immersive programming and a holistic Limmud experience, we are excited to welcome you back to Birmingham this winter.

One of the pieces we have worked hard on in the run up to launching Limmud is bringing in installment payments. This will make it easier to spreading the cost of Conference easier and with prices starting from just £399 we feel it is incredible value for money. Additionally, we are expanding our families capacity, creating more spaces in our nursery programme meaning more little limmudniks can join us as well.

We are also expanding our Conference Makers programme, with more options for volunteering and more places available for people to contribute to making Conference happen. Volunteering is the backbone of Limmud, we should know, as the Chairs of Conference for this year! We hope that you’ll get involved and volunteer, not only does it save you money, but it is one thing that helps to make Limmud the family that it is.

We have listened to the feedback from last year, done the analysis, and are working our hardest to make Conference even more inclusive and accessible for families and children than ever before. We are working on using the site in more effective and accessible ways, with more signage and better room usage to help make the Limmud experience as smooth as possible.

Finally, this year, we are lucky that the first night of Chanukah is the first night of Conference. We can think of nothing better than sharing the magic of Chanukah with our Limmud family. We hope that we’ll see you there, you can sign up now at

Steve Weller and Ben Crowne are the Co-Chairs of Limmud Conference 2016

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Steve Weller is a Co-Chair of Limmud Conference UK 2016
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