Rocco Giansante

Limmud, Jerusalem and me.


We’ve been meeting once a week, at the end of the day in a flat on Shimoni. The night suddenly appears in the sky. Where’s the sun gone? Look at that moon!

We sit around the table: chocolate, mugs of tea, a laptop, mobiles and tablets.  We are relaxed. And it’s nice because we are together, working on something we all believe in.

Limmud ירושלים.

A special day, a celebration, a festival, a performance, an act of love, a party.

Limmud, Jerusalem.                                                                             We live in Jerusalem. We believe in this place: our city, my identity.

Under our logo, a phrase: Remix your Judaism. Let’s study, deconstruct, understand, criticize, dream, write.                                               Limmud Jerusalem is where all this is possible. Outside the institutions, beyond the denominations, skipping the officialdom of rituals, together, me and the other, recognizing who we are, we become community, we become Jerusalem.

Somewhere, at the other end of town, another meeting.                      The logistic team is preparing the space, a final touch to the program, there’s the fb page to update.                                                        Another 2 days and we will meet.

Limmud Jerusalem is on May 10 on Har Herzl.

Program and info are available on:   



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