Lip Service – The Talkers and the Doers

Hi, This post is about a very special Woman and friend who I have been mentoring for over 18 years… My decision to write about her is the result of the umpteen posts I am succumbed to on Facebook by ardent missionaries for their beliefs- not even causes .. but people simply sat at the their computers vomiting out the beratements at the rest of us for not living the life style they think we should..

They may be orthodox vegans (by the way I’m on my way to becoming one – a long process but good for me) or right winged political believers or even left wingers (which I’m more prone to) where most of them spill out their venom Yada Yada Yada but do not actually do anything that uplifts or really makes an impact for change in our society …It’s all very well showing pictures of dead bodies etc etc… what impact does that have other than drain the rest of us where we become so depleted that we can not rise to the very thing that these people are trying to achieve…

Positivity creates Positvity – It’s very simple- it energizes and uplifts and when we are uplifted we can now affect the world around us ten fold

Tami Shachnaey


is a doer – she may not be vegan but she gets up every morning to take care of  those that we write posts about..

I met Tami 16 years ago as we worked side by side in a major music company…. We became close as she would prod me for guidance.. She had an enormous amount of energy that was going no where at the time… At some point touched by an old couple who had no one to celebrate one of our religious holidays with, Tami got up and brought them a box of goodies and a bunch of flowers… This was the beginning of her personal development and the outcome of her now amazing organization called Shorashim.…

Tami has headed this organization for over 15 years. Shorashim now has thousands of active members and they take care of those less unfortunate every day come rain or shine.

This is Tami and I’d would like to salute her for all the amazing work she and her organization does every day to put a smile on people’s  faces…

This for me is far more inspiring than any type of preaching – we can all learn from Tami and honor the cliche that Action certainly speaks louder than words…

Thank you Tami, for showing the rest of us what’s important…





About the Author
Born in Israel- Bred in Africa and England.I spent 25 years in the local music industry-was CEO of EMI Music Publishing (Israel). Having left the Industry I developed a method called Be and it Will Be and now mentor people from all walks of life in private,group sessions and lectures.I have appeared on numerous TV programs and had many write ups. I travel the world with my method and hope to bring peace through internal work.Our book is steadily being sold in Hebrew as ״אהיה אשר אהיה״ and worldwide in English and Spanish under the name "The Secret of Effortless Doing". I teach a method that brings Peace within and breaks down walls.
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