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Literary Critics Probing The Rise of Cli-Fi Novels in the 21st Century

Adam Trexler led the way, of course, publishing “Anthropocene Fictions” with UVA Press in 2015.

In this Age of Trump and the Paris climate accord, dozens of literary critics and cultural observers are no doubt planning their own non-fiction explorations of the cli-fi genre.
Here’s my tentative list:

”The Rise of Cli-Fi in the Age of Trump: A Cultural Exploration of a Literary Trend”

“Cli-Fi, Sci-Fi, We All Cry, The End is Nigh: What Cli-Fi Novels Say Aboout the Anthropocene”

“Climate Fictions, Climate Frictions: A Global Warning From Novels and Movies”

“From Trump to Paris: Cli-Fi Novels Explore The Future of Humankind”

“Anthropocene Arguments: How Cli-Fi Changed the Way Novelists Approach Global Warming Issues”

“The Power of Cli-Fi: Has The ‘On The Beach’ of Climate Change Yet to Be Written?”

“To Live or Die in the Age of Cli-Fi: An Exploration of a 21st Century Genre”

”A Peaceable Kingdom: In Search of Cli-Fi Visions”

“Turning Cli-Fi Studies into Climactic Moments: The Rise of Cli-Fi in the 21st Century”

“Cli-Fi Nights, Cli-Fi Flights: Kingsolver, Rich and Robinson in These Times”

“How Novels Can Save the Planet: The Rise of Cli-Fi in an Age of Hope and Despair”

”Utopian Visions, Climate Divisions:  The Rise of Cli-Fi in a Pivotal Time”

“Faith and Love in an Age of Cli-Fi”

”The Genre Wars: Sci-fi, Cli-fi and America”

”The Battle of the Climate Genres: How Cli-Fi is Replacing Sci-Fi in the 21st Century”

“Cli-Fi: The Road to Ruin, the Road to Redemption”

“Cli-Fi: Nature or Nurture in the Anthrozoic Era”

“”The Rise of Cli-Fi in an Era of Resistance and Reordering”

“Cli-Fi: Feast or Famine in the Anthrocene”

“Cli-Fi: Getting from There to Here”

“Climapocalypse or Bust: The Rise of Cli-Fi in an Age of Climate Illiteracy”

“Who Reads Cli-Fi and Why: An Inquiry Into a 21st Century Genre”

[Feel free to ADD your own imagined titles here too, in the comments below.]

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