Little Jewish Children Terrorized on Temple Mount : PM Netanyahu- learn from Dwight D Eisenhower

The shocking HALIBA video clip showing little Jewish children being terrorized by an out of control Muslim mob has gone viral.  And most of the finger pointing is at the Israeli police for allowing the mob to get right in the children’s face, close enough to spit in those faces, close enough to pull their religious side locks!

But the ultimate responsibility lies with with the person we elected to lead Israel, the person who sets policy rather than those tasked with carrying it out.

In September 1957  “President [Eisenhower] Sends Troops to Little Rock [Arkansas], Federalizes Arkansas National Guard, Tells Nation He Acted to Avoid Anarchy” New York Times Wednesday September 25, 1957

In the landmark 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education, US Supreme Court had ruled segregation unconstitutional. 3 years later US President Eisenhower took extreme action necessary to enforce the decision.  On the other hand, in Israel our Supreme Court has ruled no less than 17 times since 1997 in favor of Jewish civil rights on The Temple Mount. Yet to this day, 17 years later, unlike Eisenhower, PM Netanyahu (and every Prime Minister that preceded him) has been silent on the issue of gross civil rights violations escalating daily on the Temple Mount, derelict in enforcing not 1 but 17 Israeli Supreme Court decisions.

On September 24,  1957, 9 Black high school students in Arkansas USA turned up to claim their civil right to desegregated education, and were turned away by the State National Guard under orders from the Governor.  However in Arkansas as opposed to Israel, by the very next day, the President of the United States in an extraordinary act took control (federalization) of the National Guard, and  sent no less than 1,000 National Guardsmen to protect  9 teenagers, in order to safeguard their civil rights.

PM Netanyahu: where was your order to the Israeli Police to safeguard the right of Jews too, and keep the violent hate filled mob away from little Jewish children on the Temple Mount? How have you not stopped this travesty before now as mandated by our Supreme Court?

The day that preceded President Eisenhower’s action  in 1957 when the 9 brave black high school students were locked out of the local high school by bigotry and discrimination, surrounded by their own hate filled mob, has been forever been captured  by a photo of a Black girl/White girl.

Little Rock White Girl Black GirlJewish Children Terrorized on Temple Mount




In that photo (left), the face of the white girl “says it all”: the sheer hatred and animus is right there on her face. Are the faces (right)  of the Muslim mob as they surge to have at the small Jewish children any  less vile?

Do Jews have less of a claim to civil rights on the Temple Mount than those black teenagers had to an equal education?

US President Eisenhower pulled out all stops: that was an unequivocal message and stand for law and justice and what was right.

Prime Minister Netanyahu- where is your stand?  The State of Israel exists so that Jews and especially Jewish children will not be terrorized because they are Jews. Jewish rights to equality of worship and congregation on the Temple Mount as everywhere else are basic civil rights; Jewish ties to the Temple Mount are an indelible part of our heritage since Abraham, King David and King Solomon, through the Two Temples, in a direct line to June 7 1967 with the heart stopping proclamation: “The Temple Mount is in Our Hands”

Prime Minister Netanyahu, we are waiting for your Eisenhower moment!  But we cannot wait too long.



About the Author
Linda Olmert is the Deputy Director of HALIBA- the Initiative for Jewish Freedom (Civil Rights) on the Temple Mount. She made aliyah 38 years ago from Toronto, Canada
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