Livni-Herzog: Two Leftist Peas in a Pod with Karl Marx Communist Platform/Agenda?

On 12.10.14, Arutz Sheva reported Livni and Herzog’s press conference officially announcing their “Leftist Pact.” If the Labor Party-Hatnua Party wins in 2015, Herzog and Livni will rotate as PMs for two years each.

By their “Leftist pact,” Livni has officially endorsed the Labor Party platform (about 12 pages) like a Communist “manifesto.” Finally, her devious intentions, policies, and goals are publicly revealed. Stepping out of a dark closet and casting her lot with Herzog, she shows her true socialist/communist face.

In a 9.16.08 article post on her Web Blog titled “Mrs. Clean is a Fraud,” Caroline Glick bluntly states, in part: “Tzipi Livni  . . . is a fraud.” “Her basic dishonesty is expressed both in her political maneuverings and in her behavior as a policymaker.”  . . . “she lies to us in a continuous bid to expand her power.”

With a forked tongue, Livni claims to be a “true Zionist,” and has attacked Likud and Jewish Home parties as being “right-wing extremists.” Judea/Samaria pro-settlement, however, is the hallmark of a “true Zionist.”

As reported on 11.21.14 in Arutz Sheva, also Livni attacked/blamed Jewish settlers for a “terror wave” in Judea/Samaria by saying they were a “Settlement Enterprise” harming “peace” and “heating up the atmosphere” endangering Israel. The “atmosphere” was already heated up when Israel gained its independence in 1948!  The Days of Nakba will be “heating up the atmosphere” of terrorism – perpetually!

Herzog pledges to follow “the values of the Declaration of Independence.”  What “values”? The Labor Party Platform 2013 mentions the Declaration of Independence once – in connection with ensuring “freedom of access to holy sites.”

Herzog’s “economic prosperity” rhetoric is another classic Leftist propaganda tool used to justify an ultimate “redistribution of wealth.” This is the “new [KARL MARX] direction” Herzog intends to force upon the House of Jacob/Israel, in this writer’s view.


With his published Communist Manifesto in 1848, Karl Marx is called the “Father of Communism.”  Due to word count constraints in this op-ed, his ancestral Jewish lineage cannot be fully discussed . . . except to say that he was not Abraham’s true Hebrew descendant.  He did not possess “faith” and “obedience” to G-d, which are exclusive genetic characteristic inherited in Abraham’s patrilineal bloodline (and genes).  Instead, he was a willful “violator” of the Book of the Covenant (the Law of Moses).

In a nutshell, “communism” is a “classless” “stateless” society of “common ownership.”  The “working class” is encouraged to create anarchy to “topple capitalism and bring about socio-economic change.”  This scenario is reminiscent of Leftist social protests in Tel Aviv to topple Israel’s government in 2011.

Like with any “cause” to suck people in, the Labor platform incorporates some affirmative language. However, devastating language stripping away individual FREEDOMS of the Jewish People’s “National Home” in Eretz Yisrael is alarming. They will live in a “stateless” “classless” “SOVEREIGN SPACE” of “common ownership” in a “SHARED LIFE IN EVERY ASPECT” – and “allotment” of agricultural land as follows, in part:

For the Jewish people, the State of Israel is a sovereign space in which their children can fulfill their national identity completely and safely, and work together with all Israeli citizens to create a texture of shared life in every aspect.”  

            “One of the critical means for ensuring that agricultural settlements will continue to fulfill their national mission is a perpetual land lease included in the community’s agricultural allotment.  The farmers’ rights to their land must be enshrined in a perpetual lease conditioned on continuing to work the land.”

“The Labor Party places the highest value on the civil, political, and social rights of Israel’s citizens, as these were granted to them in the framework of the Knesset’s Basic Laws and Supreme Court rulings. These rights are the lifeblood of a just and unified society, and they are at the basis of the State of Israel’s existence.”

The “basis of the State of Israel’s existence” was not granted in the “framework of the Knesset’s Basic Laws and Supreme Court rulings,” but in the 1948 Declaration of Independence – Israel’s Magna Carta, if you will. Thus, the Labor platform attempts to supplant the sovereign Jewish People’s right “to rebuild” their “National Home” in their “own land” with substituted Israeli “citizens” – even though Eretz Yisrael is the “birthplace” where their “spiritual, religious and political identity was shaped.”

As is the saying; two heads are better than one. Livni is right by saying: “These two parties will change the face of the State of Israel.” As “traitors” to the Jewish People, these two Karl Marx “Leftists” will destroy Israel from within/without quicker than with just “one head”! Why would Exiles make aliyah to live in a “SOVEREIGN SPACE” instead of their “National Home” in Eretz Yisrael?


(Source of “Karl Marx” communism references: Wikipedia)

About the Author
Ora Yakovi (her God-given Hebrew name) is also known as Larissa Zagorsky-Beaudoin. As a seeker of truth and justice, she is also a writer/author/composer/musician/songwriter/singer, and the daughter of Holocaust survivors. The surnames of her parents and her birth surname are listed in Yad Vashem ITS archives in Jerusalem. With a "Mother's Heart" for Eretz Yisrael, she keeps the House of Jacob/Israel and State of Israel in her private intercessory prayers.