London Mayor George Galloway?

You heard it correctly! MP George Galloway is seriously considering a run for Mayor of London, UK in 2016.

In an interview to Russian television network, RT; Galloway, MP for Bradford West said:

I have a committee which is seriously looking at the prospect of [me] running for Mayor of London at the next election. I’d like to fight Boris Johnson, and I think David Cameron probably wishes I’d be fighting Boris Johnson because if I’m not, Boris Johnson is back in Parliament fighting him.

Whilst the election is not until 2016, the idea of Galloway becoming Mayor of London is frightening!

  • He has called Israel an apartheid state.
  • Refused to call Hezbollah a terrorist organisation. In Syria it has been reported by U.S. Senator John McCain, that Hezbollah are going into refugee camps and are slaughtering rebels every day!
  • He received a Palestinian passport in 2009 from Hamas!
  • He accused Israel of assassinating the Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafiq Hariri. When a tribunal rejected that notion, Galloway ridiculed the findings.  He still blamed Israel and said that Hezbollah were totally innocent.
  • He branded Zionism a blasphemy against Judaism and against God and praised the legitimacy of Hamas whilst publicly calling for the dismantling of Israel.
  • On his show for Iranian state television, PRESS TV, he was criticized by OFCOM for “breaking impartiality rules” during the 2009 Israel-Gaza conflict. He, like Obama’s new UN Ambassador Samantha Power accused Israel of “war crimes” and an “apartheid-style occupation”.
  • In December 2011 he tweeted “Yesterday I bought bedsheets from Harrods, “Egyptian Cotton”. Unfortunately they were “made in Israel”. Harrods is owned by Qatar.”

All of the above is just on Israel and I haven’t mentioned all of it!

He is famous for going to Saddam Hussein in Iraq and publicly saying:  “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability.”

This is the same guy who carried out a chemical attack on the city of Halabja and killed 5,000; who was estimated to have killed as many as 100,000 Kurds and 250,000 Iraqi’s between 1979 and April 2003.

Maybe reminding ourselves of Saddam Hussein will give some context into America and Britain feeling the need to liberate Iraq from the scourge of his dictatorship.

In 2005, he was questioned by the United States Senate about the Oil-for-food program. When he was summoned he said:

“I have no expectation of justice from a group of Christian fundamentalist and Zionist activists under the chairmanship of a neo-con George Bush”.

He described then-Senator Norm Coleman as “pro-war, neo-con hawk and the lickspittle of George W. Bush”

You may ask if this man is such an eccentric character, why are we so concerned about his potential candidacy.

The problem is that he is a good politician. He is effective in engaging the uninitiated and knows how to get a high turnout of his base. The equivalent of low-information voters.

Most recently he won by a landslide to win the Parliamentary seat of Bradford West. To win that race he managed to get a 36% swing towards his candidacy to take the election.

In modern British political history, only two other victories have seen a bigger swing.

Whilst former Mayor, Ken Livingstone was as bad on Israel and America – he could never command the oratory skills and power of persuasions as Galloway.

That makes him a dangerous man and a force to be reckoned with if he runs for office in 2016.

In the Houses of Commons during Prime Ministers Questions, David Cameron remarked to Galloway:

“Wherever there is a brutal dictator in the Arab world, Galloway will be supporting him”.

It is crucial that we make ourselves aware of this man and be ready for a potential run. He will get the Muslims, Socialists, Occupy, Anarchists, Anti-Semites, bigots and the youth voters out in their masses to vote. If he does that and wins; then London will truly be lost.

About the Author
Elliott has been blogging since January2009 on American, Israeli & British politics.; He has had articles published on the American website,; As well as working full-time for a property management company in the United Kingdom; Elliott is the Chairman of the Emergency Volunteers Project (EVP) which was established to support and protect the people and the land of Israel; Their mission is to recruit and train dedicated individuals and communities representatives who will serve as a backup force of Emergency First Responders in Israel;After training, volunteers partner with Israel's emergency services (fire fighters, ambulance and community services), providing essential, life-saving aid to Israel's citizens during times of conflict, national crisis or emergency; He is also a Director of the Israel Emergency Aid Fund (IEAF) which provides shelter and support including supplies for hundreds of families in times of war