The tragic story of “the liberation of Europe”

The days of Al-Qaida terrorizing the West seem to be over. Oh sure, they can kill an ambassador in Libya, but that’s not the same as blowing up buses in London or slamming airplanes into tall buildings in New York. When Barack Obama gave the order to kill Bin Laden, Al-Qaida had already been reduced to turning out cheesy home videos where the leader of ‘the base’ appeared together with his sidekick doctor Zawahiri to issue threats that never materialized. Now even the videos are gone.

It’s a strange thing this reduction of Al-Qaida as a global terrorist menace. Remember when everybody agreed with themselves that by invading Iraq the US had targeted the wrong country and had made Al-Qaida stronger? “Oh those stupid Americans, what had they done”. And now…nothing. No spectacular attacks, no mass death, not even any more stupid videos.

If that’s a stronger Al-Qaida what are we supposed to expect from a weaker Al-Qaida? Coffee and cake?

Maybe it wasn’t a mistake. After all invading the wrong country is some sort of American tradition. Morocco and Algeria for example were in no way responsible for Pearl Harbor. Yet that’s where the Americans sent their invasion fleets in 1943.

Kinda odd don’t you think? Try as you might North Africa doesn’t even remotely look like Japan. Couldn’t they find it on the map? What was going on?

Well, there are several theories. Maybe George W. Bush was also president of the United States of America in those days. Maybe the Americans were using the Pearl Harbor attack as an excuse to invade countries with oil. Could be. Maybe the Americans were deceived by Zionist propaganda to believe those Japanese aircraft carriers were hiding in the North African desert. It’s all possible.

Whatever the reasons may have been to invade, obviously it was a huge mistake. There were no Japanese aircraft carriers in North Africa. Though there were some French and Italian troops out there, and a few German soldiers. France and Italy in those days had colonies in North Africa and were allies of Germany. A country that was neither responsible for, nor involved in, the attacks of December 7th 1941.

When the Americans invaded North Africa, those French and Italian troops stationed there asked their German ally for support and Kraut troops flooded into Northern Africa as a result. Not only did the invasion of North Africa therefore failed to subdue Japan, it also made the world a lot less safe. There had only been a couple of thousand of German troops in Africa before the invasion. But when the fighting died down their numbers had risen to a quarter of a million.

Thus a peaceful region that was in no way responsible for Pearl Harbor was turned into a war zone. Without by the way producing the desired result. Nevertheless the American war doctrine of invading wrong countries was not amended and in the subsequent years the same tactic was tried again and again.

Check the history books. It’s all there: After the failure of the invasion of North Africa the Americans, supported by their British allies, invaded Italy. When that didn’t bring Japan to its knees they tried again by invading France, failing miserably. Then came Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland and finally in desperation: Germany. The less their strategy worked the more countries they invaded.

By the way the UN did not provide any approval for those invasions. What we call ‘the liberation of Western Europe’ is according to our current rules actually an illegal war.

Now it is true that Hitler had supported the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor by declaring war on America and that certainly was not a nice thing to do. But since when is expressing an opinion reason to destroy half a continent? There was no way Germany could ever attack the United States. The American response to invade Europe and to bomb Germany to smithereens was way out of proportion. It cannot be excused as a response to a meaningless declaration of war. In addition it was also a huge mistake as the war against Japan continued even after Germany capitulated. So beside being criminal, the invasion of Europe had no use at all.

Japan was nuked a few months after the German surrender, when either  the United States had run out of wrong countries to invade or finally found The Land of the Rising Sun on the map. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed by those atomic bombs, none of them responsible for Pearl Harbor. But regardless of that, isn’t it a bit disproportional to use nuclear weapons against a country just because they sank a couple of old warships?

Now I have to admit that this confusing American tradition to invade wrong countries in some weird convoluted way does end up producing the desired results. They did won the war after all which means we do not have to speak German. Or Russian. Plus Jews are allowed to breathe oxygen instead of Zyklon B which is kinda nice. Though not everybody agrees.

Similarly the invasion of Iraq had some use as it attracted thousands of fanatic Jihadists who wanted to kill infidels wherever they could but were forced to fight the Americans who had come to visit them in Iraq. That was kinda useful because those Yankee invaders weren’t defenseless civilians but 150.000 well armed boys and girls in attractive uniforms. Though if you were Iraqi all this fighting certainly sucked.

What happened was that those American boys and girls could -provided they detected them on time- deal with those fanatics by killing them. This made everybody very happy. Americans would get dead terrorists, and the terrorists would get their much desired martyrdom. This is also known as a win-win situation. Which by the way stabilized Iraq and severely damaged Al-Qaida to an extend that they lacked the ability to operate in the West.

This brings us to Afghanistan. A war which isn’t going so well. The Americans are looking to bug out, but considering their habit of invading wrong countries this is exactly the wrong thing to do. If Obama still wants to win this war he needs to do something. He needs to invade some other country.  Any country will do. Just as long as it has no Taliban in it. Which rules out Pakistan. My advice is to invade Norway instead. They were skipped during the last war so to invade them now would only be fair.

Plus Obama can return his Noble Peace Price. Two birds with one stone.

About the Author
Born in Switzerland in 1973. Raised in Holland. My parents were Holocaust survivors.