Loss and Listening

We had a great program tonight to begin a meaningful Tisha B’av experience at Beit Yehudit (ICCY) in Jerusalem’s German Colony entitled: Personal Lamentations – Tisha B’Av Readings – run by the Ginot Hair Community Center and Deena Levenstein of

On our national  day of mourning our losses – Tisha Be’Av … let us sharpen our listening skills to our Divine Presence … and our fellow mortal.

Are we listening to each other?

– Are You there?

I need comfort, I need to be heard.

– Where are You?

I pour out my heart with my losses. I talk to You.

– Are You there?

So much to tell, a burden to be relieved.

– Where are You?

My losses, my pain, too much to share.

– Are You there?

Once I heard how you just want me to listen to You.

– Where was I?

You wanted me to be there for you.

– Was I there?

Any relationship is a partnership.

– Where are we?

Between person and G-d, or person and person.

– We need to share.

— And be there!

~ FE King

About the Author
FE King (Frank Ephraim) is known for thinking creatively outside the box. No-one is really who they seem to be! FE runs a freelance writing company "Our Best Words" specializing in writing, translation and training including a flagship technical and marketing writing course. His teaching techniques include anecdotes and tips for success from his own real-life work experiences. He is also a licensed Real Estate agent, human geographer and urban planner and has held the Transportation and Immigration Absorption portfolios on the Pisgat Zeev Community Council. FE is likewise active in all forms of Jewish Renewal, Feminism and Humanism. FE is an avid hiker who rarely misses an opportunity to explore our wonderful country. FE's latest project is an in-depth study about the unique development of a very special varied spiritual community in South-Central Jerusalem. You are encouraged to contact him directly with suggestions and feedback at