Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Lots of miracles

With the holiday of Purim two weeks away, we are reminded of G-d’s miracles for us, not just on Purim, but throughout the entire history of the Jewish people.

He took us out of Egypt,
split the sea,
gave us the Torah at Mount Sinai,
defeated enemies which attacked us in the desert,
brought us through the Jordan River,
defeated enemy forces in Israel,
on Chanukah defeated those who greatly outnumbered us,
kept the oil burning for eight days,
on Purim defeated our enemies and saved the Jewish people,
ensured the survival of the Jewish nation during two thousand years of exile (while mighty empires disappeared),
defeated Arab armies in six days,
prevented Arab armies from overrunning Israel on Yom Kippur,
prevented Hamas from overrunning Israel,
and united the Jewish people.

These are just some of the many amazing miracles that G-d has done for us.

As the world chides and condemns Israel, as nations (including those which, following 9/11, reportedly killed more than four hundred thousand civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan) criticize Israel for wanting to destroy an enemy that declares its intention to repeat October 7, Israel fearlessly fights on.

As we remember G-d’s miracles through the ages, and as we now witness His miraculous protection for us, we approach Purim with joy, confident that He will continue to show us miracles, as we say in the Purim prayer, “in those days, in the present time.”

Miracles abound. G-d’s presence is being revealed to the entire world. And soon we will see the wonderful miracle of the complete Redemption with Moshiach. May it happen very soon.

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