Tanya Dahan


Love is not seeing eye to eye. Love is not always feeling in love. Love is not just fun and games. Love is not always satisfying. Love is not what we see in the movies, read in romance novels or write about in poetry.

Love is risky. Love is challenging. Love is testing. Love is wobbly. Love is sometimes inconvenient. Love is often overwhelming. Love is quite scary. Love is complex. Love is work.

Love is grounding. Love is comforting. Love is wholesome. Love is acceptance and compromise. Love is patience. Love is kindness and giving. Love is meaning. Love is innate and nurturing. Love is fruitful. Love is surprising. Love is exposing and intimate. Love is bottomless. Love is interconnectedness. Love is mighty and gentle. Love is firm and soft. Love is spiritual. Love is dark and light. Love is balance. Love is burning hot fire and cool spring waters.

Love is beautiful and divine. Love is you and love is me. Love is song and love is dance. Love is faithful. Love is life. Love is essence. Love is God.

Love is synthesizing, electrifying and tranquilizing.

Love is sacred. 

About the Author
Tanya Dahan is a British wife, mother, self-development & spiritual-growth extraordinaire, and Make-up Artist, living in Israel. She is a professional certified Life & Well-Being Coach and she loves to see individuals thrive! Tanya specializes in coaching women who wish to feel centred and empowered so they can reach a place of inner peace, accomplishment and personal mastery. Live and live well, is her motto.