Even as you read this, President Obama is about to wing his way out of Israel and land on yet another Middle Eastern tarmac. Once again, he will be pressing the flesh, making the speech and being told another side to this very complex story.

He came. He saw. He spoke. He visited. He departed.

So what happens now?

He waved no magic wand nor did he cast some arcane spell to usher in a new and wondrous golden age. No fairy-tale ending has taken place, no common cause found for entry into an era of universal peace, prosperity and brotherhood.

The President may be doing the very best he can but, like so many others before him, even his considerable talents cannot overcome the situation, one in which decades of conflict, nightmare memories from a turbulent past and the risks that lie in an uncertain future all resonate far too powerfully for any attempt at a quick fix.

And yet a quick fix is precisely what’s needed if matters are to stand any chance of improvement.

Greater freedom of action in efforts to promote a climate of peaceful coexistence must be obtained. And that freedom has to come about fairly soon, even though the constraints inherent in this ongoing drama seem dead set against such an outcome.

But, if a player as powerful as the United States cannot apply the leverage necessary for this to happen, then what hope is there for any sort of closure in circumstances that constantly conspire to maintain the status quo?

Politicians, presidents and people in general may now possess the vision about where it is we should all be going. But whatever that vision, without a machine to drive it, progress will always be agonisingly slow.

The obvious answer is to form an alliance with whatever possesses the strength and tenacity to break through constraints, to stop the rot and put an end to what has been a continual process of decline and dysfunction for far too long.

And such a candidate can now be found in only one place. The central problem itself must become that ally, for it alone retains the capacity to provide for its own correction; even its own demise.

Of course, certain modifications must be made before a fully fledged and coordinated creature can emerge from so battle-scarred a chrysalis.

About the Author
Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .