Main goals of the First Rabbi in Argentina’s politics

Sergio Bergman, the best known rabbi of Argentina, was appointed by the actual President Mauricio Macri as Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation, for his government.

Rabbi Bergman as he is known will be the first rabbi in the country’s history in public office. He will have high responsibilities in the environmental area.

Argentina is one of the countries with the largest world’s natural resources. Fresh water from glaciers, vast forests and the towering Andes Mountains, these are some of the points that the minister should have greater attention.

The main areas of conflict that threaten the region are the mega open-pit mining, pollution of fresh water sources throughout the country and indiscriminate deforestation of forests in northeastern Mesopotamia.

However, with important goals on the table, communication and working together with environmental agents in different countries of the region will be vital to carry out joint actions that will reach satisfactory results in each of the above areas. Otherwise, the new ministry of Rabbi Bergman will have an almost impossible mission.

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Ezequiel Fain is from Buenos Aires, Argentina.He is a graduate of Mass Communication and nature lover also.
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