Make Gaza Great Again!

Before we consider the preferred solution for the ”Gaza threat” we should keep in mind some basics:

The “situation” will only get worse with Hamas calling the shots (no pun intended) and being allowed to improve their military capabilities and control there. (Our “best-informed leaders” scoffed at a scenario of facing hundreds of thousands of rockets from Gaza once we abandoned it, both in 1993 – Rabin – and in 2005 – Sharon – our “great military minds that must be questioned – remember?)

The Hamas charter calls for killing all the Jews of the world, and they’re educating their young to just that. They mean it.

As Eli Wiesel put it, “when your friends say they will protect you – doubt it. When your enemies say they will kill you – believe it. Is the hope of”managing the conflict” with Hamas and its loyal supporters, with the continued flow of tons of cash and other bribes working?

I think not.

The materialistic approach of Shimon Peres (he wrote a book called “The New Middle East”), was that the Arab mindset of refusal to live in peace with us can be altered with economic incentives and by flattering the terror bosses.

Peres was projecting his own worship of money, honor, and power when he suggested that all people are basically like him, and can be bought. His own principals, if he ever had any were long passé..

No amount of economic opportunities or of huge cash payoffs to date has managed to alleviate their determination to kill us all. The opposite.
Arafat and Hamas are my first witnesses.

By now it should be clear that the Gaza problem is not about land. As recalled, we tried the ultimate solution of the hard Left, begun by Rabin and completed by Sharon.  We handed Gaza over to the killers, and we were, of course, promised peace by our leaders.

So, if land or material benefit is not the solution, how do we eliminate the constant threat of millions of frightened Israelis?

Israel’s leadership and elites have no intention of solving the problem.

Most prefer the current abominable situation to a bold, lasting solution which for them is a plunge into the unknown.

They relate to the Gaza “situation” as they would bad weather or road accidents. You live with it.

Most politicians are happy for the relative quiet between “flare-ups” during their own term in office. They want to ignore the sword held over the heads of half of the millions of its citizens. That’s life.
Let the next politician deal with it.

Not going “too” far is the rule of the game that both sides benefit. They can continue to make promises and threats for the benefit of their audiences and yet are careful not to pull the rug out from where they both stand.

Hamas and Bibi continue to strike a pose while not plunging into the “unknown”.

So what should really be done?

I suggest:

Accept the fact that many rockets will rain down on parts of Israel and prepare well for it, including plans for temporary civilian evacuation from some areas.
That will not be the first time in our history but hopefully the last.

Plan a detailed campaign of eliminating every key Hamas personality in “targeted attacks”. At the same time massively target all known rockets and launching facilities and other Hamas infrastructure in a well planned preemptive strike.
Communicate to the enemy population that they must separate themselves from al  Hamas personnel and infrastructure is if they don’t want to be hit.

The round the clock attacks will continue until the military is satisfied that the mission has been accomplished as best as possible.

When the military feels it is time, a massive ground assault will begin dividing the Gaza strip into manageable “bites”, eliminating all opposition.
We will always consider our own soldiers’ safety before those of the enemy and their population, just as the allies did in the war against the Nazis and as prescribed in Jewish Torah law.

Once we quell all opposition, military rule is enacted as it was before Oslo and before the massive Hamas rocket attacks. All weapons are surrendered within a very short time (hours I would think).
All those caught still harboring weapons will be shot on site.

Terror-supporting “UNWRA” will be closed.  Jew-hatred taught in their schools will end.

DeHamastication of  Gaza society, (like deNazification) will begin.

All known Hamas personnel without  “blood on their hands” will be given a choice: leave – for the Sinai or Egypt or be escorted to Ben Gurion airport to go wherever they like. They must bring their families with them.

If they choose not to leave, they will be tried (think Nuremberg trials) for aiding or membership in a terror organization dedicated to killing Jews and face jail. This category will include anyone who has had any supportive association with Hamas in any manner.

Encourage locals (carrot and stick) to come forward with information leading to the uncovering and arrest of the above category.

Any activity, physical or otherwise that threatens Jews or Jewish sovereignty will be grounds for legal steps leading to deportation or other sanctions.

Once order is restored and Hamas is demolished, Israel will announce its policy of voluntary emigration.

Financial incentives and administrative aid will be employed to encourage emigration.

This is a strategic goal of the first order. The huge sums spent on “managing” the Gaza “situation” will now be turned to solving the problem.

Polls repeatedly show that an overwhelming percentage of Gaza residents (similar to but less than Judea and Samaria) would emigrate if they only had the opportunity.

We shall help them generously.

Annex Gaza as we did Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

Speak clearly about to whom the land belongs. End of discussion – just like Jerusalem.

Encourage the return of the industrious, wonderful Jews who were dragged from their homes, to develop this part of Eretz Yisroel as they did before the criminal expulsions of 2005. Encourage many more to join them.

Law abiding and non-terror tainted residents will enjoy human and civil rights (as no Arab does in any Arab country).
Israeli citizenship will be an option only for individuals who have proven to be loyal to Israel, after a careful and prolonged process much like in Japan, Switzerland, the US, and others.

There are only two candidates running for the Knesset who suggest the above in some form.

They are Moshe Feiglin (Zehut) and Itamar Ben-Gvir (Otzmah Yehudit)

Make Gaza Jewish and great again!

About the Author
Born in the USA.MA - International Relations, Aliyah - 1977. A tour guide published hundreds of articles and lecture on Israel and the ME. Israel Navy veteran, Passionate about Israel and the Jewish people.
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