Making it so

‘Kerry fails to get Obama backing to confront Israel on peace terms’                Times of Israel: February 9, 2014

If the report, as it stands, has any validity at all, then Mr. Kerry’s plans for an Israeli-Palestinian ‘framework’ proposal would appear to have been dealt a blow of some considerable magnitude.

And so the one question that arises, much as it has always done, is this.

What will it actually take to bring about a real, copper-bottomed, rock-solid peace agreement between two peoples of such differing backgrounds, violent history and conflicting narratives?

The see-saw struggle in which both have been engaged for decades, one of the most long-lived in modern history, is somehow able to deflect every attempt at resolution and has managed to do this with consummate ease for what seems like forever.

Perhaps the fault here is revealed by this latest twist in US diplomatic manoeuvring. It demonstrates a reluctance to push the envelope, a failure to really pressure either side because of point blank refusals to abandon what to each are fundamental principles, beliefs and agendas.

But, after so much much fear, hate, distress and expense that this saga has generated, isn’t it high time we all took the gloves off and decided to force the issue once and for all?

Nothing can ever be achieved in this matter by dancing around it in a state of concerned impotence. If there exists the will and the power to stop and reverse its one-way descent into yet more grief and disaster, then it becomes the moral duty of every one of us to make it so.

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