Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Many Miracles

In the Passover Haggadah, we thank G-d for the many miracles that He did for us, including taking us out of Egypt, splitting the sea, giving us the Torah, providing food and shelter in the desert for fourty years, and bringing us to the land of Israel.

These days too, G-d has done so many miracles for us, and for the world, some of which were mentioned in previous posts. Here follows a list of some of the many wonders and kindnesses that we’ve seen, starting with thirty years ago, right up to the present time.

Russia’s empire broke up peacefully, effecting the end of the Cold War. (In the following years, many warring factions worldwide, including in Ireland and other places, succeeded in peacefully settling their differences.) Iraq sent thirty-nine Scud missiles towards Israel, but G-d miraculously protected His people. In the First Gulf War, Iraq was defeated, with relatively minimal casualties to the U.S. and their allies. Twelve years ago the Arab Spring began, resulting in the weakening of a number of Israel’s fiercest enemies. Thirteen years ago Turkey broke off relations with Israel, allowing the Jewish state to strengthen relations with Greece (a long time enemy of Turkey). Six months later Israel discovered huge energy reserves under the Mediterranean Sea, between Greek Cyprus and Israel. Their newly strengthened relations facilitated development of the reserves. Recently Europe has become an eager customer for this energy (after Russia reduced supplies). Meanwhile, many countries are eager to benefit from Israel’s technological innovations. A deal with Iran that would have given the evil regime enormous funds, and would have allowed Iran to soon develop a nuclear bomb, has been scuttled; and the U.S. and Israel have engaged in joint military exercises, in order to discourage Iran from developing a bomb. Israel’s new government is intent on strengthening Jewish identity and security, and politicians are now in talks to try to work things out peacefully. New York Yeshivas were relieved when the state’s Supreme Court recently gave religious parents the freedom to educate children according to their beliefs, without fear of persecution or prosecution. And in recent times, the U.S. Supreme Court has issued rulings supporting religion. Over the years, China stole many technological secrets from the West, but Covid woke up the world to realize the danger, and Western powers are now uniting to push back against China’s hegemony.

May the miracles continue, and may we very soon see the complete Redemption, a time of tremendous wonders. As the prophet Micah says (7; 15), “As in the days that you left Egypt, I will show you wonders.” And Chasidus explains, that in comparison to the miracles when we left Egypt, the miracles of the future Redemption will be so much more wondrous. May it happen now.

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