Josef Olmert
Josef Olmert

Marine Le Pen, Linda Sarsour, Jews and Muslims

Marine Le Pen and Linda Sarsour are really different personalities, and that much I know. The first is a French racist, antisemitic and holocaust revisionist. The second is a Muslim racist, antisemitic Israel hater and an enemy of anything connected with REAL equality for women. The first does not like the Muslim Hijab and the Jewish Kippah,the second likes the Hijab and the Kippah, especially when her beloved Hamas terrorists use Kippahs to hide their true identity when, for example, they kidnap Jewish kids and murder them. I, for one, do not recall any time when Sarsour condemned any killing of Jews, but she organized donations to reconstruct vandalized Jewish cemeteries, so she clearly likes dead Jews.

This piece is not a tale about these two women, rather it is about something else, which these two can be the best symbols of-it is still not about the fact, that both extreme Right and Extreme Left share antisemitism and anti Israel as part of their agenda-that much we already know all too well. It is about how Jews from both political extremes react to this, most significantly, how the attitude to Muslims have become the dividing line between the two extremes.

The great Martin Gilbert, in his classic IN ISHMAEL’S HOUSE, set out to dispel two myths. One that Jews and Muslims have always had the most fraternal relationships, if only the evil Zionists did not show up out of the blue, out of historic obscurity and spoiled everything, therefore making it legitimate to be anti Zionist, but God Forbid, not antisemitic. The other myth is, that Islam as a religion, that Muslims by definition, and there are 1.6 BN of them, are mortal, eternal enemies of the Jews. Two myths of two political extremes, the first of many in the Left, Progressives, either Zionists, or A-Zionists, Post-Zionists, Anti Zionists, the other of some in the Right Wing, so-called Conservatives, Zionists, ultra Zionists and others. The truth is, that Martin Gilbert presents an account of HOPE, OPPORTUNITY, FEAR, TERROR-yes, a very mixed picture, one which defies by nature and historic truth, both of the political extremes. It is however the case that the extremes are not so small, clearly very vocal and altogether damaging because they try to rewrite the basics of Jewish solidarity in these troubled times and they use Israel in the process.

Le Pen’s Right Wing Jews bend over backwards to explain that it is not a real problem for this politician to argue that it is not France which in the summer of 1942 ACTIVELY collaborated with the eventual murder of 75,000 French Jews in Auschwitz, a crime which was recognized by President Chirac in 1995 as the collective crime of the French Republic. Nor is it that bad, that she wants to ban Kosher slaughter, the wearing of the Kippah and dual citizenship, as all this is really marginal, because what REALLY matters is the fact, that she is anti Muslim. So being anti Muslim thus becoming THE criteria by which good, self-styled Zionist supporters of Israel view Marine Le Pen. Be anti Muslim and you are Kosher [OY, kOSHER AND MARINE LE PEN…]. No, that should NOT be a criteria, not at all, and this is not to romanticize Muslim antisemitism and anti Israel feelings in France, the opposite of it, as there is so much of it. It is to define EVERY form of antisemitism and anti Israel as being an anathema to Jews and non Jews who claim to be pro Israel. Time to realize, that racists are racists, are anti Muslim and antisemitic, in fact, anti human.

Exactly the same attitudes should be applied towards Linda Sarsour, whose overall picture of the world makes her an enemy of everything that is associated with REAL progress, but then all this is irrelevant to many Progressive Jews who adopt her, precisely because she is a Muslim, and regardless of her enthusiastic support to the Hamas movement, the murderous group of Jews. In fact, many of these progressives are aware of her support to murderers of Jews and they simply do not care. I do not refer to people like JVP who deserve a separate reference altogether. I refer to many in the progressive camp who prefer her over REAL fighting Muslim women who are viciously attacked by Sarsour who is terrified by the existence of other Muslim women who represent a totally different, and truly progressive outlook of the world. For these progressives, this is what Tikkun Olam is -a stampede out of any sense of Jewish solidarity to the promised land of fraternity with Muslims like Sarsour, not despite, probably because she is so anti Israel. What is more Tikkun Olam, after all, than showing concern to every enemy of your people?. This in large parts of the progressive Jewish Left is becoming the order of the day.

Marine Le Pen, Linda Sarsour-a match from heaven for the glory of deranged Right and Left Wing Jews. Not all of them, but far too many.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina