Mark Cuban says: Forget 2020! I disagree

Everywhere I look, people are bidding farewell to 2020. And it seems like no one is really going to miss this year too much.

But for some reason, when I saw the headline “Forget 2020: Mark Cuban’s Secrets to Focusing on the Future,” I felt it was a bit too much.

Forget 2020? Why? There are still a few weeks until 2020 is over! We still have an opportunity to turn it around!

Truth to be told, I think it’s all coming from a good place.

People are looking for a fresh start. 2020 has so much pain associated with it that people want it to be over and done with. Just go away already. Let us turn a new leaf, have a fresh start.

Here’s the thing, though: there is a profound Chassidic teaching that can give us a new beginning, right here, right now.

This Chassidic teaching can be summarized in three words: something from nothing.

When G-d created the world, he didn’t use any existing material. He didn’t have any cement, bricks or stem cells to create planets, minerals and humans.

He created us out of nothing.

So if we are all created from nothing, essentially we’re nothing!

(This might explain why we sometimes experience a feeling of “nothingness”; after all, we do have that as part of our DNA …)

In order not to become nothing again, we have to constantly be made back into something. It’s not like G-d created the world and now it’s running on autopilot. He needs to consistently re-create us and give us our existence.

It’s the ultimate anti-burnout meditation. When we feel that we’re simply tired of it all, let’s remind ourselves that G-d just created us again. We are new people, in a new world, with endless possibilities.

May we all experience renewal and revival in our lives!

P.S. This idea is explained in depth in the book “Tanya,” and this week we begin a new cycle of Tanya learning. Search “Rabbi Gordon Tanya” in your podcast app for a class that is sure to inspire you!

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Rabbi Mendy Kaminker is the Chabad Rabbi of Hackensack, and an editorial member of
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