Kanyi Ndewa

Marriage between Hamas and UNRWA

Over the years, UNRWA, United Nations Relief & Works Agency has been working in collaboration with Hamas in furtherance of genocidal agenda against Israel. The shocking evidence of actual participation by United Nations staff in the massacre of Israelis on October 7th is unequalled in terms of its moral repugnance.

Yet, UNRWA’s evil marriage with Palestinian terrorists is not new. The only problem is that the United Nations has kept under the Persian rug, a litany of reports incriminating the agency in high crime. UNRWA’S brief has been to indoctrinate Palestinian children into Jihadist agenda and perpetuate the utopian aspiration of occupying Israel once all the Jews are killed. Therefore, top on UNRWA’s curriculum is teaching Palestinian children on how to murder Jews. UN-RWA is responsible for fertilization of murderous DNA into the psyche of Palestinian aspirations.

In 1948, the first two state solution was offered when the UN created Israel as a Jewish state and Gaza & West Bank as territories for Palestinian Arabs. Whereas the Israelis accepted the offer as celebration of independence, Arabs rejected the solution and condemned the same as naqba, Arabic for catastrophe. After Israel’s declaration of independence, Palestinian Arabs with support of other Arab neighbours waged war against Israel the following day. Eventually, Israel won.

Consequently, Israelis developed a first class country, the only democracy in the Middle East. Palestinian Arabs on the other hand made a heavy cross generational investment in indoctrinating and intoxicating their children with hate and mythical aspirations. That’s how UNRWA has kept Palestinian Arabs believing that they are refugees waiting to return to Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and other Israeli cities after the looming evaporation of Jews from the face of the earth. Quite awkward.. isn’t it? It’s for the purpose of perpetuating a chimerical but bloody Jihadist conflict that we have been witnessing the unprecedented misuse and misapplication of words such as apartheid, genocide and refugee.

In a pretentious show of concern over the UN staff’s participation in the October 7th massacre, Antonio Vacuum Guterres, the UN secretary general made a cynical request to UNRWA to investigate itself. We are living in a morally bankrupt world. After October 7th, the United Nations has exposed itself for what it is….a mafia gang of world tyrants which has outlived its shelf life. The UN is the epicentre of anti-Semitic rhetoric. Palestinian terrorists commit genocide in Israel for which they are proud of. They even record their atrocities. Paradoxically, when Israel responds, a UN kangaroo court almost agrees with South Africa, an Iranian proxy that Israel might be committing genocide.

Supporter of Hamas are now using humanitarian aid, children and women of Gaza as diversionary shenanigans to cover up for UNRWA-Hamas joint criminal enterprise. The sad reality that an agency of the UN is guilty of participating in the worst massacre of Jews since the holocaust calls not only for the disbandment of the agency and prosecution of all the criminals…Mr. Antonio Vacuum Guterres must also resign.

Number two…. Israel must hit the head of the snake to conclude its war against the terrorists. Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis and Islamic Jihad are all proxies of Iran. In this regard, with or without support from America Israel must target Tehran.. incinerate their nuclear enrichment plant. In fact, go for the tyrannical mullahs and liberate the people of Iran. It is called killing two birds with a single stone. Joe Biden is indecisive. When he wakes up in the morning, it takes about three hours to remind Joe that he is the US president. By the time they succeed in making him remember that there’s war in Middle East, it’s late in the afternoon. I mean… In prosecution of this program, Israel cannot rely on America in the circumstances.

About the Author
Kanyi Ndewa (Lawrence Kanyi Ndegwa) is from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a lawyer and leadership consultant.