Michel M.J. Shore

Martin (Mickey) Pepper Saw and Loved Each Person as Unique

(In memory, on his first yahrzeit – 11th of Shevat 5784 )

Mickey was a finite human being
With an Infinite soul of Divine Sparks,
An Ish hesed, who loved the precision
Of G’d’s universe in its perfection.

Mathematics for Mickey was an art;
He saw each person, not as a number
But exceptional; each as relative
Unto himself or herself, he related.

To each, for whom, each is exceptional;
He recognized the hidden configuration
Of every variable and paradox
As Einstein understood, as relative.

Mickey did welcome the sum of all parts;
The love of all met his infinite self.

About the Author
Michel M.J. Shore is a retired judge of the Federal Court of Canada and recently made a home in Israel. He is the writer of several published books and poetry collections.