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Martin Sherman’s ’emigration’ solution

Demoralizing Israel’s true enemy – the fake ‘occupation’ narrative – could make this solution work


Many thanks to Martin Sherman for this discussion! I agree with his entire premise of encouraging Arabs to emigrate, and was pleasantly surprized to discover just how popular the idea is with them. I would add this for his consideration:

I like to say that the job of the Zionist freedom fighter is NOT to find solutions, but to demoralize the enemy so they accept OUR solution. The best way to do that is to use a moral argument (based on Israel’s land title deed, the Mandate For Palestine), to destroy the fake ‘occupation’ narrative, the ultimate expression of which would be the institution of a moratorium on all peace plans until the world (via the U.N.) acknowledged the rights and land boundaries set out in the Mandate and accompanying Note re Trans-Jordan.

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Since such acknowledgment would be a long time coming, if ever, it would buy time to educate Israelis, Diaspora, allies and the world at large about Israel’s land title deed, thereby slowly dissolving the key narrative upon which nonsense like two state ‘solutions’ are built. With their narrative destroyed, world sympathy much-reduced and conquest even more unlikely, the idea of being paid to emigrate might be even more attractive.

We cannot, however, discount the possibility that, as the ‘occupation’ weapon is destroyed, that other (possibly free) alternatives could emerge along the way such as, for example, the offer by Egypt to accommodate a ‘Palestinian’ state within the Sinai Peninsula. Or…who knows what opportunities will arise? The key is to use truth to buy time until a real solution founded on truth emerges.

Ted Belman recently thanked me for my 3-round exchange on Israpundit with a professor of international law regarding Israel’s land rights vis a vis the Mandate. It showed the power of making a moral argument rather than a legal one. You can also read it here:

I also wrote a speech for Bibi that incorporates the moral narrative:

I have personally trained over 450 Zionists how to use the Mandate to destroy the ‘occupation’ narrative via a moral argument. Would you believe that only about 10, or just 2% of my trainees had ever read Israel’s land deed before meeting me? It’s no wonder Jewish kids side against their own country; no one’s told them the truth: Jews are owners, not occupiers!

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In summary, then…I feel strongly that Martin’s approach would gain more and more acceptance with Israelis and more compliance by Arabs if it coincided with demoralization brought about by the destruction of the ‘occupation’ narrative.

After my first training, a member of the Toronto Zionist Council wrote: ‘All my life I never had a copy of my country’s land title deed until you put one in my hands. Your support, understanding, vision and belief in us gave me the courage to stand up as a proud Jew.’

Now…imagine if we duplicated that experience 10,000 or more times! Imagine the panic of the Arab militants who would watch their lies and schemes to take over all of Israel go up in smoke. Emigration might look pretty darn good to them, too.


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Mark Vandermaas currently trains Zionist activists to destroy the fake ‘occupation’ narrative via his Israel Truth Week project. He has been called a ‘Damn Zionist’ by his enemies and an ‘Honorary Jew’ by his allies. He has organized pro-Israel conferences, appeared on Jewish and Christian TV for Israel, and personally trained over 450 Zionists to make a moral argument against the ‘occupation’ lie. His rule-of-law activism during the Canadian Caledonia crisis has been cited in two books: the bestselling Helpless, by Christie Blatchford, and in Gary McHale’s Victory In The No-Go Zone.

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