Albert Russo
"Art is but a moment of happiness, it is like a lightning of bliss cleaving the never-ending horrors of our world."

May 20, 2021: Cease-fire, NOT peace

There is now a cease-fire, (strongly) recommended by the Biden administration.  The war is not over, by a long shot.  See how the Hamas and their patrons, the Iranian regime of the Ayatollas, the providers of terror around the world, and EVIL incarnate, are beaming: “We have dealt  the enemy a deadly blow, we have won!” they blare out, rejoicing. 

The poor Palestinian population who have suffered so much, as did many Israeli civilians for years, are too shocked and too scared to sing and dance with them.  After all, scores of families have lost their homes and their stores, and worse still, they have lost dear ones.  All of it because their leaders had decided to pelt Israel with rockets – more than 4,000 of them in just over a week.  What they are afraid to admit is that Hamas has committed a double crime of humanity: by aiming their rockets randomly at Israeli civilians, and by launching them from within schools, apartment blocks, mosques and even buildings sheltering the international press.  How much do they cherish the lives of their own people, when choosing highly populated areas, as their general quarters and launching sites?  

While all over the planet, the Islamic thugs and their Western supporters beat Jews in the street, lynching them if the police hasn’t arrived to protect them.  The exact same images one could witness in Nazi Germany and Austria, only now these scenes take place on every continent.  You can see these savage mobs, smashing stores and homes owned by Jews, shouting: “kill the Jews, kill everyone of them!”.   It doesn’t stop there.  Encouraged by some of their muftis – yes, they hear them inside mosques, where one is supposed to pray for calm and peace -, they hurl insults like “We shall rape all the Jewish women, emasculate their sons and husbands”.  One hears this in London, New York, Paris, Berlin, in broad daylight, not to mention in the majority of Muslim countries where there is no freedom of religion or expression (Pakistan, Afghanistan or Jordan, to name a few).  

And our Western governments, with a few exceptions, repeat the same terrible mistakes they made before Hitler invaded Poland and started a world war that rocked the globe and ended with more than 60 million dead – on the European continent, not counting Asia, where the Japanese, who by the way, still haven’t admitted their crimes like Germany, committed so many atrocities.   

I shall repeat this over and over again: when enraged thugs first attack the Jewish minority, not much later, the majority pays ten, a hundred times the consequences.  The statistics are there to prove it, always.  How many hundreds, in the case of the destruction of the New York Twin Towers, thousands, have been killed by the (mainly) Arab terrorists!  In the 21st century it is the Islamic Jihad and their ilk, the Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, who take center stage.  The West is so scared of them that, too often, they bow to their demands. 

We need enlightenment and justice, we need morality to be restored.  Until then, the world, not only the Jews, will continue to be in a terrible shape.

And whoever still believes that what is happening in Israel and in the Palestinian territories is NOT a religious war, ought to read these few lines of the Hamas covenant (, directly inspired by the Coran: 

The Islamic Resistance Movement believes that  “the land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf consecrated for future Muslim generations until Judgement Day.  It, or any part of it, should not be squandered: it, or any part of it, should not be given up.  Neither a single Arab country nor all Arab countries, neither any king or president, nor all the kings and presidents, neither any organization nor all of them, be they Palestinian or Arab, possess the right to do that.”

“Nationalism,”  from the point of view of the Islamic Resistance Movement,” is part of the religious creed.  Nothing in nationalism is more significant or deeper than in the case when an enemy should tread Muslim land.  Resisting and quelling the enemy become the individual duty of every Muslim, male or female.”

“Our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious.  It needs all sincere efforts … The Movement is but one squadron that should be supported … until the enemy is vanquished and Allah’s victory is realized.”

“The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said: The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews.  When the Jew will hide behind stones and trees, the stones and trees will say, O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

‘There is no solution for the Palestine question except through Jihad.  Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.”

In other words, Hamas’ ultimate aim is to destroy the Jewish State.  One cannot discuss or make peace with an entity that negates your existence.  I’m afraid that Hamas will pursue its devilish policy as long as it will be able to get new rockets and more sophisticated weapons from Iran – a country where women have lost so much of their freedom, and where the LGBT ‘community’ has everything to fear.

I deem the world complicit with the Islamic Republic, for letting them proffering repeatedly that it will annihilate Israel.   People didn’t believe Hitler was dangerous, and look where it led them.  What continues to baffle me is how blind, how stupid, or how pervert, our leaders in the West are to insist on wanting to appease the Monster.

About the Author
Albert Russo who has published worldwide over 85 books of poetry, fiction and essays (35) and photography (50), in both English and French, his two mother tongues, and sometimes in Italian, (Italian being his 'paternal' tongue) - he also speaks Spanish and German and still has notions of Swahili -, is the recipient of many awards,such as The New York Poetry Forum and Amelia (CA) Awards, The American Society of Writers Fiction Award, The British Diversity Short Story Award, The AZsacra International Poetry Award (Taj Mahal Review - US$ 500), the Books & Authors Award, several Writer’s Digest poetry and fiction Awards (winner and finalist), aquillrelle Awards, the Prix Colette and the Prix de la Liberté, among others. His work has been translated into about 15 languages in 25 countries, on the five continents. He has co-published Gaytude with Adam Donaldson Powell, which won Best Gay Book in the USA. Albert Russo’s major books are the AFRICAN QUATUOR (AQ), his memoir CALL ME CHAMELEON (CMC), his humorous ZAPINETTE Series (Zapy), GOSH ZAPINETTE, the first ever series of global Jewish humor, his books of stories and of poetry encompassing 40 years of writing, entitled: THE CROWDED WORLD OF SOLITUDE, vol. 1 -CWS1 (the stories and essays) and THE CROWDED WORLD OF SOLITUDE, vol. 2 (the poems) CWS2 + the two big books dedicated to his beloved mother Sarah Russo (SR) + about 50 books of photos. His definitive biography penned by the Norwegian African-American writer, poet and artist Adam Donaldson Powell, UNDER THE SHIRTTAILS OF ALBERT RUSSO was released by l’Aleph (November 2017), Wisehouse Publishing. A humanist with roots in Central, Southern Africa, and the Mediterranean, he has been acclaimed by James Baldwin, Edmund White, Martin Tucker, Douglas Parmee of Oxford University, Joseph Kessel, Pierre Emmanuel, both of the Académie Française, among many other literary authorities, as well as by his African peers, Chinua Achebe among them. Albert Russo was also a member of the 1996 jury for the Neustadt International Prize for Literature which often leads to the Nobel Prize of Literature. Latest Prize: Best 2013 Unicef Short Story award in defense of childhood worldwide, for Revenge by proxy / Vengeance par procuration.  His 50-odd books of photography have garnered awards in the USA, UK, Russia, France, etc. Some of his work has been exhibited in the Louvre Museum, at the Espace Pierre Cardin, both in Paris, in Times Square, New York, at the Museum of Photography in Lausanne, Switzerland, in Art Berlin, in Tokyo, in Moscow, etc. The former Mayor of the Big Apple, Mr Bloomberg, has lauded his two photo books on Paris and New York. Some of his novels and memoirs have also been filmed in English, with videos 90 and 100 minutes long. Latest award: I have just received the following award. "Dear Albert, It is with great pleasure to announce that you have been selected as a Book Excellence Award Finalist for the following book: 'GOSH ZAPINETTE! the first ever series of global humor’ (770 pages). There were hundreds of entries from around the world and 'GOSH ZAPINETTE! the first ever series of global humor' was selected for its high-quality writing, design and market appeal. Congratulations. The Book Excellence Award Committee.” The Book Excellence Awards Advantage. More than just an awards competition, the Book Excellence Awards provides authors and publishers with extended support and resources on topics such as publishing, marketing, writing, publicity and social media. The Book Excellence Awards is a smart investment on your publishing journey and the results and benefits will last a lifetime! Literary website: - "Art is but a moment of happiness, it is like a lightning of bliss cleaving the never-ending horrors of our world." Albert Russo “Inspiration is like delicious food that your taste buds remember, or a perfume you have long forgotten and whose whiff suddenly brushes your nostrils again, giving you pangs of nostalgia.” Albert Russo